The Association Cup (East Coast), Damascus Cup (WA) and Skill at Arms (All States) – RULES AND GUIDELINES

The Association Cup (East Coast) and Damascus Cup (WA) Skill at Arms Rule Book – Click to download PDF file.

These rules and guidelines can be used for all Skill at Arms Troop events or competitions.

Cover Sheet

Contents and Guidelines

Abridged Event Rules

  1. Stand to Horse Rules
  2. Dismount for Action Rules
  3. Dummy Thrust Rules
  4. Hurdles Rules
  5. Skill at Arms Rules
  6. Skill at Arms Course and Equipment
  7. Tentpegging Rules
  8. Despatch Race Rules
  9. Obstacle Race Rules        

EVENT SCORE SHEETS – (Click to download PDF file)

  1. Stand To Horse Final Score Sheet
    Foot Drill
  2. Dismount for Action
  3. Dummy Thrust
  4. Hurdles
  5. ‘A’ Grade Skill at Arms‘B’ Grade Skill at Arms
  6. Tentpegging
  7. Despatch Race
  8. Obstacle Race
  9. Final ALHA Cup Score Sheet
  10. Layout of Skill at Arms Course and Equipment
  11. Tentpegging Course Layout


  (Click to download PDF file)