ALHA Event Resources

Members Note: Events are only sanctioned upon receipt of a completed Risk Assessment Form

Sanctioned Events include but are not limited to the following:
  • Training Days – for troops and individuals etc.
  • Parades – major events (Anzac and Remembrance Day), street parades, squadron parades etc.
  • Shows – agricultural show classes -parades-demonstrations, event demonstrations etc.
  • Ceremonies – major events (Anzac and Remembrance Day), centenaries, anniversaries, catafalque parties etc.

ALHA Classes for Agricultural and Breed Shows – Click here


Events Notification Form to Download – Click here

Risk Assessment Form to be completed for all ALHA sanctioned events – to download – this form is to be submitted 7 days (where possible) prior to the event:  Click here

ALHA Horse/s Declaration Form Download: Click here

ALHA Risk Assessment Form:

Please complete, save, download and submit the below form to:
The Event Registrar: Phil Chalker – for all ALHA sanctioned events: 

ALHA Event Risk Assessment Form

Event Notification to be added to calendar:

Complete this form: