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Chris Walsh


Rod Pinder


Deborah Chalker


Tom Childs OAM


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Board of Directors 2023 – 2024





Charles Allen – North West Slopes Arthur DeMain OAM – Chief Judge Rod Pinder Harry Ball
Graham Brown – Illawarra &           Firearms NSW

Rob Werry – East Coast


Philip Chalker – Protocol, Southern Highlands & South Coast NSW 


Deborah Chalker – Spur Editor       
Andrew Clarke – Central Coast      
Patrick Leary – South West Slopes      
Phillip Logue – Upper Hunter Region      
Wayne Mills – Northern Tablelands      
Keith Sheather – Riverina      
National Contact for all correspondenceContact Email
ALHA Appointments – ongoing:
ALHA Risk Assessment/Events Coordinator: Phil Chalker – Contact Email
ALHA Chief Judge: Arthur De Main OAM – Contact Email
ALHA Ceremonial & Protocol Officer: Phil Chalker – Contact Email
ALHA Membership Registrar: Debbie ChalkerContact Email
ALHA Spur Editor: Debbie ChalkerContact Email
ALHA Webmaster: Debbie ChalkerContact Email
ALHA Jericho Cup Coordinator: Wayne MillsContact Email
ALHA NSW Firearms Officer: Graham BrownContact Email
ALHA Membership Registrar: Renewals, Enquiries and Information
ALHA Event Notifications: Risk Assessment Registrar
ALHA Webmaster – Photos, Stories & Articles for Website: Webmaster
ALHA Spur: Editor