ALHA Board Members

ALHA Patron – Maj Gen Warren Glenny AO RFD ED

Office Bearers

Nat. President
Nat. Vice President
Nat. Secretary
Nat. Treasurer

Lawrence Watts

Brisbane QLD

Rod Pinder

Bendigo VIC

Jo Moore

Lockyer Valley QLD

Tom Childs OAM

Logan QLD

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M: 0405 480 266 M: 0407 349 928 M: 0428 275 696 M: 0411 690 653

Board of Directors 2022 – 2023





Charles Allen – North West Slopes Arthur DeMain – Chief Judge Rodney Pinder – Vice President Harry Ball
Graham Brown – Illawarra &           Firearms NSW      

Philip Chalker – Protocol, Southern Highlands & South Coast NSW 

Jo Moore – Sec, Western Region

Malcolm Coutts OAM   
Deborah Chalker – Spur Editor  Rob Werry – East Coast    
Andrew Clarke – Central Coast      
Patrick Leary – Riverina Region      
Phillip Logue – Upper Hunter Region      
Wayne Mills – Northern Tablelands      
ALHA Appointments – ongoing:
ALHA National Secretary: Jo MooreContact Email
ALHA Risk Assessment/Events Coordinator: Phil Chalker – Contact Email
ALHA Chief Judge: Arthur De Main – Contact Email
ALHA Ceremonial & Protocol Officer: Phil Chalker – Contact Email
ALHA Membership Registrar: Debbie ChalkerContact Email
ALHA Spur Editor: Debbie ChalkerContact Email
ALHA Webmaster: Debbie ChalkerContact Email
ALHA Jericho Cup Coordinator: Wayne MillsContact Email
ALHA Honorary Veterinary Surgeon Dr Peter Kerkenezov BM BVSc – Contact Email
ALHA NSW Firearms Officer: Graham BrownContact Email
Light Horse Trail QLD: Jo MooreContact Email
ALHA Membership Registrar: Renewals, Enquiries and Information
ALHA Event Notifications: Risk Assessment Registrar
ALHA Webmaster – Photos, Stories & Articles for Website: Webmaster
ALHA Spur: Editor