About Us

AIM:    To preserve the History and Traditions of the Australian Light Horse and its predecessors.

MISSION:    To sponsor Memorial and Light Horse re-enactment Troops formed by Members of the Association.


  • To obtain and provide Insurance Coverage for all members.
  • To obtain and preserve uniforms, weapons, and equipment used by men of the Light Horse. 
  • To research, record and preserve the History, tradition and customs of Light Horse Regiments and their predecessors.
  • To collect and preserve literature written about the Light Horse.
  • To support existing Light Horse Museums.
  • To make available information on the Light Horse to the public.
  • To support mounted Light Horse re-enactment Troops formed for the purpose of portraying the Light Horse units of the past.
  • To provide comradeship for its members who find the esprit de corps of the Light Horse stimulating and rewarding.


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The Australian Light Horse Association Ltd – ABN: 68 010 822 821 ACN: 010 822 821