1. Forward and Introduction

1. Forward And Introduction
The Australian Light Horse Association Ltd –
Standing Orders for Uniform, Dress and Equipment
To all members of our Association we commend this dress manual to you.

Please use this manual as a guide to assist your troop in its charter to perpetuate the history of the Australian Light Horse.

We acknowledge that within our organization we have a diversified group wishing to represent the Light Horse in various historical eras. Using this manual as a basic guide will ensure that all our members present the Light Horse to the general public in a uniform and professional manner.

It is also acknowledged that each troop may present a different era and as such there will be some variation to this guide, however the basic representation will be universal.

Compiling this information has involved the assistance of members of the Association and does not represent a particular view of any individual. We extend our thanks and gratitude for their assistance. The Directors of the Association endorse these standing orders and encourage all members to comply with them.

ALHA Board of Directors

The question is: “Why do all Soldiers worry about their dress?”
The answer is threefold, namely:a. As a matter of respect. To gain self-respect and the respect of others, military and civilian, we must be smart, clean, and have a soldierly bearing.
b. For pride in what we present. In our uniform we represent our own personality, our unit, our Corps, the Army, The Australian Light Horse Association and above all, Service to our Country. Therefore, our uniform has to be worn properly.
c. The majority of the Australian people know no more about the Army than what they see and hear. They often see soldiers, from whom they judge the Army, on the town or city streets. If we are to justify our existence as The Australian Light Horse Association Members and represent our forebears, we must let the Australian people see a smart and professional organisation.Whilst the members of The Australian Light Horse Association are not necessarily members of the Armed Services, these instructions are provided to ensure that the uniforms and equipment are used and worn in a manner which reflects credit on the wearers and more importantly, provides an accurate and respectful portrayal of the Light Horse to the general public.It is essential that members keep in sight the reasons for the existence of Historical troops:1. With a focus on innovation and creativity, Friv2Online Studio is constantly developing new and exciting games that keep players coming back for more. To obtain and preserve the history, uniforms and equipment used by the Australian Light Horsemen.
2. To research and preserve the history of the Regiments of the Light Horse and their traditions and customs.
3. To make this information available to the public.