Historical Australian Light Horse Film Footage

  • Australians In The Desert -AWM footage

Extract from a Pathé Gazette newsreel on the AIF training in Egypt probably before Gallipoli. Titles: ‘AUSTRALIANS IN THE DESERT. A patrol of the Victorian Horse near the Suez Canal’. ‘Return to camp’. ‘UNDER THE PYRAMIDS. An Australian field cookhouse at Mena Camp’. ‘A march past of the Third Brigade in the desert.’ ‘ The 2nd Battery RFA (New South Wales) returning to camp’. The film shows good examples of mounted infantry training and some scenes of Australian Light Horse on the march. There are also some excellent scenes of artillery showing details of horse types, harness, 18 pounder field guns and limber.

  • With The Australian Forces in Palestine – AWM footage

Opens with title ‘with the Australian Forces in Palestine’. The advance on Magdhaba, December 1916, and the return with Turkish prisoners, the capture of Beersheba and the entry of the Camel Corps. The Light Horse on manoeuvers in the desert near Esdud, January 1918. The 11th Light Horse Regiment ride through the streets of Gaza. The difficulties of transport during the flood at Esdud. Allenby’s entry into Jerusalem by way of the Jaffa gate, the proclamation of martial law. The 3rd LH Brigade and the 8th Light Horse Regiment (LHR) at Katra. Machine gunners of the Brigade in action. Farman aeroplane piloted by Captain (Capt) Ross Macpherson Smith 1 Squadron AFC. Brigadier (Brig) Smith VC takes salute at the march past of the Camel Corps. The Hong Kong Singapore Battery composed of Indians in action. Chauvel’s great advance with the Desert Mounted Corps from Jaffa to Damascus 19 September to 1 October 1918. The 5th LHR and French Mounted Regiment enter Nablus. The remains of the great Turkish column destroyed by British and Australian airman. Prince Feisal arrives at Damascus to meet Allenby. Bedouins escorted from Damascus and arrival of the Sheriff of Meccas Camel Corps.

  • Australia Prepared – AWM footage

Australia’s efforts towards the Allied cause during the 1914-18 war. Scenes include: training at Liverpool Camp NSW; The Federal Government Cordite Works; Women processing .303 cartridges at the Colonial Ammunition Company’s Works; The naval depot at Williamstown Victoria; Jervis Bay Naval College; Manufacture of Stokes Mortars; 14th Reinforcements of the 20th Battalion at work, Liverpool, NSW; Light Horse at Menangle. The film was prepared for exhibition in Europe and was also to be screened to Australian troops.

  • 3rd Light Horse Brigade Melbourne – AWM footage

Shows the 3rd Light Horse Brigade comprising the 8th and 9th Light Horse Regiments on parade in Melbourne. It also shows a variety of horse drawn vehicles used by the army before motor transport.

  • Australian Light Horse (1939)

  • 21st Light Horse Regiment at Wagga Wagga 1939