Song of the Australian Horse

An Australian Boer War Commemorative Song

The Australian Horse.
The Australian Horse! we are going across
The Ocean to African shores.
A sermon to preach-a lesson to teach
Oam Paul, and his arrogant Boers.
Chorus. –
Then shout, lads, shout ! hurrah ! hurrah !
The ” Green Horse’ ” goes to the Transvaal war !
For a desperate ride on a terrible course,
We’re bush lads all -The Australian Horse.
Our numbers are few, but our duty we’ll do,
With credit to Country and Corps ;
With British hurrah, we’ll dash into the war,
And woe to the tyrannous Boer.- Chorus.
We are farmers, as they, and when in the fray ,
Will prove we are reapers and mowers ;
When we meet on the veldt, our cuts shall be felt,
By Paul Kruger’s delicate Boers.- Chorus
Oh, proudly we’ll ride, and charge by the side,
Of the Squadrons the Britons adome.
And in the brave rush, we boys from the “bush,”.
Will race them for ” First at the Boer.”-
With confident might, we’ll ride in the fight,
Our officers dashing before ; 
And our loud ringing cheer, when it falls on their ear
Shall startle the rock hiding. Boer.- Chorus
Though some of us may have gone down in the fray,
When the heat of the conflict is o’er ;
We’ll secure our own, in battle o’erthrown,
And also the weaponless Boer.- Chorus.
We trust that again we may traverse the main,
To our home ‘neath the bright ” Southern Cross; “
And carry a name from the scrolling of Fame,
‘The gallant Australian Horse.”- CHORUS.

The original from National Library of Australia – digitised newspaper section.

Original newspaper source The Queanbeyan Age 22/11/1899 page 2.