In compiling these training notes the following Army Manuals have been taken into consideration.
1895 Manual of Drill for the Mounted Troops of Australia.
1902 Mounted Service Manual for Mounted Troops of the Australian Commonwealth.
1909 Mounted Infantry Training.
1910 Light Horse Manual for the Training and Exercise of the Light Horse Regiments of Australia.
1907 Regulations for the Equipment of the Army Mounted Infantry.
1909 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
1912 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
1912 Yeomanry and Mounted Rifle Training.
1924 Cavalry Training (War)
1931 Cavalry Training.
1934 Cavalry Section Leading.
1935 Manual of Ceremonial.
1937 Cavalry Training.
1937 Manual of Horsemanship, Equitation and Driving.
1950 Manual of Ceremonial.

It is realized that these are not all of the Manuals produced, a notable exception would be the 1912 Manual of Horsemanship, Equitation and Driving. The Manuals are however produced merely updating existing manuals. In the compiling of these training notes, the latest drill instructions are reproduced.

Reference however has had to be referred in some instances to early manuals in order to reproduce instructions for drill which has been phased out. Instructions referring to the Magazine Cut-out were dropped after WW1. Piling Arms was dropped and the piling swivel removed from the SMLE during the second half of the 1930s.

It has been necessary to refer back to early manuals however to reproduce instructions for drill such as Sling Arms, which is required by some of the Historical Troops.

In all instances however, reference is made to the manual and section so that those who doubt may refer to the original works from which these notes were compiled. In any arguement or discussion therefore these notes may be taken as “LAW”.