Chapter 12. Mounted Escorts

(50. VIII.40.1,3-4,8-10.)

119. General Instructions

1. A mounted escort is normal provided on ceremonial occasions in order to :-

(a) provide protection for the personage being escorted,

(b) add dignity to the occasion by the general bearing, turn out, dressing, and covering of the escort, and

(c) ensure that the pace of the carriage being escorted is not checked.

Forming up.

2. (a) All escorts will turn out in review order unless otherwise ordered.

(b) The escort will be cloaked only when the VIP is cloaked. Orders regarding cloaking will normally be issued by an aide to the VIP.

(c) Escorts will invariably be formed up with swords drawn. Swords will be at the Carry for the duration of the escort.

3. As the VIP approaches the carriage the command “General Salute, Carry-Swords” will be given, the officers will salute, the trumpets sound and standards lowered.

4. The commander of the escort will ride on the side of the carriage in which the senior VIP is sitting. The second-in-command will ride on the opposite side of the carriage. The heads of their chargers will be level with the hub of the rear wheel of the carriage.

The commander of an escort has a most important duty to perform being solely responsible for the safety of the VIP. As such his place cannot be taken by anyone not belonging to the escort and he must not allow any interference in carrying out his duty.

5. The pace of the procession will be regulated by that of the Carriage, and the different troops will preserve their distances from it. The troop immediately in the rear of the carriage will be one horse-length in rear of the officer riding either side of the carriage or, if a standard or guidon is carried, one horse-length in rear of that standard or guidon.

The rear section of the troop immediately in front of the carriage will be 25 yards in front of the leaders’ heads.

The distance between other troops in an escort will be 50 yards.

6. When the procession arrives at its destination the escort will, where possible, form up again opposite the Carriage, the General Salute will again be given.