ALHA Recommended Suppliers

Military Shop

The team at Military Shop has been proudly providing quality products to military, police and security organisations and their members for over 20 years. Provide product and services for replica medals, medal mounting and advice.

 Lawrance Ordnance

  • ORIGINAL and REPRODUCTION equipment 
  • Swords, Rifles, Bandoliers, Bayonets, Ammo Pouches (as well as numerous other items).
  • Tunics, Breeches, Hats, Badges, Plumes,

National Medals Pty Ltd 

  • High quality replica military medals and ribbons etc., full size and miniature.
  • Professional medal mounting – Custom made medals, medallions, metal badges and keyrings.
  • Family history framing of photos medals etc, history research, summary of service records.

Army Disposal Stores – Australia wide

General suppliers of Shirts, Rifle Buckets.