7th Light Horse – Bemboka Troop

The Bemboka 7th Light Horse Troop was founded in 1999.  Another such troop which had paraded in small numbers some years earlier (in the Bega Valley) disbanded due to members “moving on”.

The troop, in the Bega Valley of Far South Coast NSW, was formed by Captain (AAC) (then Lt.) Gary Berman of Bemboka and was named the Bemboka Troop in honour of Gary’s grandfather, who was a former Militia Light Horse trooper in WW2.  In the Great War the men who joined the Australian Light Horse (from South East NSW) locally were, in the main, attached to the 7th Regiment of ALH.

The 7th troop first paraded on Anzac Day, 2002 with 6 riders.


The troop has grown to

23 mounted troopers (both male and female),

5 dismounted troopers including a despatch rider on a vintage motor cycle,

a WW1 nurse and a bugler,

The Patron for the Troop is Colonel Adrian Roberts RAAC, AATV, Rtd.

Additionally, the Troop has had numerous honorary members most of whom were former Service personnel and some who were in their lifetime, former 7th Light Horse troopers.

The Troop participates in ceremonies throughout the Bega Valley Shire including Anzac Day (covering 11 ceremonies in 2016 and 9 in 2017); Australia Day, numerous country shows and members of this Troop participated in the Men From Snowy River march from Delegate to Sydney in 2015.  Members also participated in Operation TAHI with troopers from NZMR who visited Australia.

The Troop has the ability to parade in Great War uniform and kit or in Militia uniform.  Our presentation is authentic and we do not permit other than correct uniform or kit. 

The Troop provides static displays and addresses Historical groups, service groups and community groups. The Troop had received financial assistance in terms of grant awards, community donations and members’ fundraising efforts.  Additionally, 3 RSL Sub-Branches within the Bega Valley and another in a Shire bordering Bega, has supported troop members with uniform costs, issue of some cavalry swords and bayonets and other operational costs.

The Bemboka Troop has conducted a formal Dining-In Night annually since 2004 and in later years has had special guest speakers. Our earliest guest was our patron Colonel Roberts who provided a visual and oral description of the battle of Long Tan where he was the Commander of the cavalry units which rescued the troops engaged in the battle.

In 2015 the night recognised the centenary of Anzac and included a Turkish visitor who addressed the guests. 

In 2016 the Night recognised the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan and the guest speaker was a platoon Commander at the battle.  Additionally on the night, Father Tran, a local priest of Vietnamese birth attended and recited Grace in his birth language.  That was followed by an English translation of the prayer.  The night was attended by local dignitaries, the local member of Federal Parliament the Hon. Dr. Mike Kelly and 193 guests.

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