Useful tips for betting on the NBA at 1win bookmaker

NBA betting is similar to betting on other popular sports disciplines. In the NBA, just like in hockey or football, you can bet on the winning of one of the participating teams, the separation of one team from the other, the total of teams and the entire match, as well as on some other, not so common events. In addition, live betting is accepted in the NBA. Despite the similarity of rates in the National Basketball Association with other sports, the NBA still has a number of distinctive features.

How to bet on the NBA?

To know how to bet on the NBA, you need to get acquainted with the format of the matches in this league. In total, 30 teams participate in the NBA, which are divided into the Eastern and Western conferences (each of them includes 3 divisions with 5 clubs). There are 82 rounds in the NBA championship. The five teams with the most wins advance to the final stage of the championship. The competition continues up to four victories. In the final, one representative from the Western and Eastern conferences converge.

Some features to consider when betting on the NBA:

Game format: 4 periods of 12 minutes. Zone defense is not used, which increases the effectiveness of the attacking side

The NBA sponsors all 30 teams in approximately the same proportion, so that all teams are on an equal footing. According to statistics, about 30% of meetings end in the victory of an outsider.

About 60% of victories go to the team hosting opponents at home.

Bets on total are common. Most bookmakers give a painting with a 15-step difference in one direction and the other. Bookmakers take no more than 4 percent margin for such bets.
A month before the start of the championship, all clubs organize pre-season competitions. During these games, 6-10 meetings are held. Based on the quality of the team's performance at this preparatory stage, some conclusions can be drawn about its further success.

Helpful Hints

It is extremely rare for one team to win more than 10 times in a row. Therefore, many bettors earn on bets made according to the catch-up system after 7-8 consecutive victories of one team.

Information from previous seasons can only hinder drawing conclusions about the strength of the team's play. The fact is that in the NBA, the team that finished in last place last season can become the champion this season. Therefore, you should analyze only the statistics from the meetings of the current year.

At the playoff stage of the NBA championship, it will be profitable to bet on the total under. The fact is that the closer to the final, the less the athletes risk, and therefore concentrate on defense. As a result, the total number of goals scored in the playoffs is much less than in regular meetings.

With a score of 0 -2, an outsider team will rarely advance to the next round. So, with two losses and 0 wins, the team flies out in 93%, and only in 7% does it manage to stay and continue participating in the championship. You can also take advantage of this when betting on the NBA. Another important pattern is that teams that have undergone significant changes in the composition in the off-season rarely show high results, because. players need time to play. You can get acquainted with free analytical calculations about the NBA in the Basketball Predictions section.