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7th Light Horse - Bemboka Troop

This Troop was founded in 1999. After three years of fundraising through sponsorship, the troop had its inaugural parade on Anzac Day 2002.

Since that time the Troop has been heavily involved in Anzac Day and other community service roles throughout the Bega Valley Shire and beyond.

As well as the usual appearances at venues, the Troop has instituted a shield competition in memory of the late Colonel Irwin of the 1st Light Horse, a veteran of the desert campaigns of the First World War.

This competition is to be held, commencing in 2004 on the October long weekend in Bemboka, N.S.W and has the following events:

· Mounted Drill Sections
· Dismounted Drill using .303 rifle.
· Skill at arms for Sword and Lance
· Field firing of .303 at the Bega Rifle Range along the lines of a military shoot
· General presentation of Troopers and horses consisting of correct turn out of saddlery, Troopers uniforms and mounts in review order.

Australia Day at Bega, 26 January, 2003
Front: Lt G Berman - Rear: M. Cahill, W. Berman, B. Bobbin, K. Salway, W. Davis














The current membership is as follows:
· Riding members
· Non-riding members
· Honorary members
· Troop Patron

Currently we have 12 riders with the potential for more in the future. Our non-riding component is composed of ex-service men from W.W.II, the Korean War and National Service personnel.

We have currently 6 honorary members of whom 4 are ex 7th L.H. Militia, one is ex Sgt. Farrier Army Remount and one is ex 1/15 R.N.S.W.L.

The Bemboka Troop's Patron is Col Peter Florance (Ret), a veteran of Vietnam.

The Troop has its own bugler and piper and is looking forward to some lively 'dining in' nights in 2004.


Executive - President: Lt. (AAC) Gary Berman

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