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5th Light Horse - Maleny Troop

5th Light Horse - Maleny Troop Beersheba Day Ceremony 2012

5th Light Horse - Maleny Troop Beersheba Day Ceremony 2012


    The 5th Light Horse Regiment, Maleny Troop was formed in January 1992 with seven members, consisting of four Active Members (riders) and three support members.
    The history of the Australian Lighthorse dates back to the 1850's with the formation of the Clarence River Lancers in New South Wales. The horses or 'Walers" as they were coloquially known were sturdy animals, distinctly Austarlian in character. They were highly regarded by troops from all nations to be tough, durable horses with remarkable stamina and the ability to carry heavy loads for long distances admist the most adverse conditions. Their courage and loyalty were recorded in many battles and since become a colorful part of the nations early wartime history.
     The Maleny Troop strives to keep alive the spirit of the Lighthorse by collecting equipment and memorabilia from around the country. Some of the equipment used by the troop is original while other pieces such as saddles and bridles are being handcrafted by members of the troop.
     Members are Honary Troopers and as such display no rank, although troop movements are directed by an elected troop commander and troop sergeant.
     Fundraising for the troops activities relies entirely on membership and donations from the private and business sectors of our local community. The troop receives no funding from the Defence Forces.



a.     To promote inspiration from, and pride in, the Australian Light Horse, especially in relation to the great personal sacrifices made on the battlefield, which enable us to enjoy the freedom we have today.
b.     To obtain and preserve, for historical purposes, the uniforms, weapons and equipment used by the     Australian Light Horse Regiments, particularly the Fifth Light Horse Regiment.
c.     To foster an awareness in the community, with a particular emphasis on school children, of the Australian Light Horse's achievements and traditions in our country's history.
d.     To encourage Light Horse activities, so that all members will keep alive the Horsemanship and Skill at Arms of the Light Horse Regiments.
e.     To preserve the memorabilia, photographs, records and documents of those who served in Australian Light Horse units for future generations.
f.    To train for, and participate in, competitions with other Light Horse Troops, on traditional Inter-Troop contests and re-enactment rides.
g.     To take part in Public Displays, Street Parades and other ceremonial activities, as the Troop may from time to time, be called upon to provide, or take part in, either individually, or with other organisations.
h.     To maintain close links with units in the Australian Army Order of Battle having a Light Horse lineage.
i.     To do all such acts and things, including fund raising, as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing Aims and Objectives.

a.     Membership of the troop is available to any Australian resident
b.    Minimumm age is 16 years in line with the Light Horse Association Ltd.
c.    Applications for membership must be proposed and seconded by two financial members and approved by the majority of members at the next General Meeting.
d.     When an application for membership has been accepted, the prescribed membership fee shall be paid within one calendar month.
e.     Annual subscriptions, at rates which are determined by the Annual General Meetings, are due on the Ist day of July every year and payable within thirty days, or membership lapses.
f.     The right to refuse or terminate membership of any person who is considered to have acted in a manner prejudicial to the Aims and Objectives of the Troop or Light Horse Traditions shall be determined by a secret ballot of members at a General Meeting.
g.     New members have a 90 day "cooling of" period after they pay their troop membership and insurance. During this 90 day period they are able to receive a full refund of funds paid if they decide they do not wish to continue membership of the troop.


a.     This is for non-ridng members, who may be retired Light Horsemen, wives, interested persons,  Public figures or anyone having an interest in the ideals of the Troop.
b.     It is not compulsory for members in this category to be members of the Light Horse Association  Ltd.

a.    All Active Riders must be paid-up members of the Light Horse Association Ltd and carry Troop  insurance when engaged in Troop activities. Without the benefit of both these insurance covers,  nobody is permitted to ride with the troop - even at their own risk.
b.     All Active Troop Members will at all times, abide by a code of conduct, behaviour and training as     determined by a majority of those members as may be decided from time to time.
c.     All Active Riders are required to obtain, and show evidence of a current 'Shooters Licence'.

a.     Any person may be offered honorary membership of the Troop at the discretion of the majority of     members at an Annual General Meeting.
b.     Honorary Membership is to be renewed annually.

 Australian Army Tank from Vietnam War is light years beyond the Australian Light Horseman of the first world war (WWI) — Caloundra RSL

a.    A monthly General Meeting will be held on the last Thursday of every month at 1930 hrs at a suitable venue or as may be determined by a majority of members at a General Meeting.
b.     The Annual General Meeting will be held on the last Thursday of June each year, followed by the  usual General Meeting or as determined by the majority of members at a General Meeting.
c.     The Committee is elected at each Annual General Meeting and no further business is discussed.
d.     Only fully paid-up members will be eligible to attend meetings and vote. Visitors, potential new  members or others invited for some specific   purpose, may attend and observe proceedings.
e.     An Annual Dinner will be held on an evening soon after the Annual General Meeting at a date and venue to be decided by a majority at a General Meeting.

Troop members will be expected to accept on a voluntary basis, a self imposed military discipline and failure to comply could result in expulsion.
a.     Personal appearance should be neat and tidy.
b.     Hair and beards should be neat and trimmed.
c.     No ear rings or sunglasses are to be worn on parades or displays.
d.     As we represent the memory of the Australian Light Horse, our conduct is  to be of the highest standard while in uniform.
e.     Uniform is not to be worn on occasions other than officially organised through or sanctioned by  the Maleny Troop.
f.     No member can, in any way, receive any financial reward for work or effort pertaining to any activity of the troop, unless ratified by a majority at a General Meeting.

6.    DRESS
As far as possible, there will be a constant endeavour to have one standard of dress and equipment portraying the 1937 to 1942 'Militia Period' and a minimum requirement will be determined by the Troop Commander for Parade and Display purposes. The following is a guide to a standard of dress:

* As we are all Honorary Troopers, no rank or insignia will be worn unless they were awarded during the Militia Period.
* Service decorations may be worn on ceremonial parades or official Light Horse Duties by those entitled to do so under the Defence Act

Because of its historical significance and the difficulty and expense in obtaining genuine Light Horse equipment, every endeavour must be made to retain for the Troop and future members the equipment so far obtained. Some equipment may be borrowed from the Quartermaster from time to time at a cost to be determined periodically.

8.    HORSES
All horses will be of a satisfactory remount type and troopers are expected to present their mounts in good condition, without injury, ailments or other disorders which might cause distress or discomfort.

a     Minimum height of 14.5 hands.
b     Presented shod and in good condition.
c     Full colours are only accepted -Black, Brown, Bay, or Chestnut.
d     No stallions or rigs will be considered or accepted as suitable mounts.
e     Horses should be presented to a manageable standard as set by the Troop Commander.

The emphasis of the Troop's activity should be on regular training days to improve the horsemanship and skills of the troop members.
The conduct of training days is the responsibility of the Troop Commander.
Training days are be held on the second Sunday of each month unless otherwise notifed by the Troop Commander through the Section Leaders.
Punctuality is of the utmost importance.
Dress and equipment as previously described and as per Troop Commanders Training program.

The following is a general guide to the structure of Training Days:
    0830 - 0845     Mounted, Inspection of Horses and   Saddlery
    0845 - 0915     Parade Ground Drill
    0915 - 1000     Troop Horse Education and Discipline
    1000 - 1030     Smoko
    1030 - 1230     Troop Display Workout and Training
    I230 - 1315     Lunch
    1315 - 1500     Ground Skills, Weapon and Foot Drill

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