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2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (QMI)

2/14 Museum - full

The Regimental Museum of 2nd/14th Light Horse (QMI) has had a very checkered existance. The Memorabilia and Artifects being  displayed in the old Water Street Depot Fortitude Valley Brisbane (1950), Bulimba (1951 to 1957), Annerley(1958), Moorooka (1959 to 1971), Wacol ( 1971 to 1986) ,and now at Enoggera (1986 to present day).

With the reduction of the Regiment to "A Sqn 2/14 QMI" in Jul 1976, the Officers Mess became a "Combined Mess" and the museum artifects were removed for safe keeping and storage in the 106mm RCL (Anti-Tank) gun bays.

In 1978 a decision was reached to re-house these treasured arteifacts in the old RHQ Conference Room, as a temporary Museum. The ARA Cadre Staff assisted by WO2 Grahame Jardine-Vidgen established this first embryo museum, which was officially opened in 1978.

A 1981 policy change required the return of the old Conference Room and so ARA WO2 John McQueen assisted by ARES WO2 Grahame Jardine-Vidgen (both non-riding members of the Light Horse Association), relocated the museum to the old Clothing Store building on the southern wing of the Q STORE complex quadrangle.  A more elaborate presentation was now prepared. The first real display which could rightly be called a "Museum".

However, this site proved unsatisfactory due to water seepage following heavy rain, and so a decision was made in 1982 to relocate the Museum once again, this time to the raised building on the western wing of the same Q STORE complex quadrangle overlooking the cricket oval. In this location, for the third time. Museum Curator CAPT Grahame Jardine-Vidgen prepared the new museum display with the assistance of his off-sider Trooper Graham Ehrich. With the continuing acquisition of various donated items relative to the Light Horse era, a very fine display was established. However due to the numerous windows in the building, damage from external sunlight was always a problem. By this time the museum had acquired a number of shop mannequins on which the various Light Horse uniforms could now be displayed. A large private collection of weapons was also received on loan for display.

With the coming of integration in 1986, the Regiment and the Museum, relocated to Enoggera. Once again the "Museum Team" swung into action and rebuilt the museum for the fourth time,in the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment(QMI) Regimental Headquarters complex in what had previously been the Guard Room sleeping quarters. With the acquisition of improved display cabinets, and the addition of peg-board on the walls, an excellent display was created. At this stage all weapons on loan were returned to their owners, as all of the Museum's weapons were rendered innocuous in accordance with military requirements.

The Museum holds a large and valuable collection of relics indigenous to the WW1 Light Horse era, including leather accoutrements, saddlery, sabres etc. There are also many and varied uniforms pertaining to all eras. A wonderful collection of medals and badges was also donated from the Other Ranks Club at Wacol. An extensive array of old photographs also form part of this significent collection of memorabilia.

In 1986 a Museum trust was established with ownership of all memorabilia and artefacts, apart from Commonwealth Property, vesting in the Trustees. A Company with Directors, was also established under the name of LHACHA Pty Ltd (Light Horse Armoured Corps Heritage Association Pty Ltd) to administer the affairs of the Museum.

With the continuing acquisition of memorabilia and artefacts, the display space became increasingly congested, and the Trustees and Directors decided to seek out a suitable independent building in which to house the Museum. An old unused building was secured and relocated to a vacant area adjacent to the RHQ complex.

In 1994 the new Museum Curator John McQueen was tasked to re-build the Museum for the 5th time, with the result that 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (QMI) now has a significent and interesting museum display.

Since 1999 Capt Adele Catts has been the Curator of the museum. She has built on the excellent work of previous curators and the collection has been enlarged to two buildings. Off site displays, full or half day tours  and education of school groups has developed under her guidance. 

The Directors of the Museum Trust have provided light protection on all windows and a self contained air-conditioning system to monitor internal humidity and thus assist with the preservation of this tangible collection of the Regiment's history.

You are encouraged to visit the Museum which is open to the Public on the last Sunday of each month( Feb to Nov) 1pm to 4 pm. Contact the guard room 07 3332 7986

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2nd/14th Light Horse (QMI) Museum
2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (QMI)
Gallipoli Barracks
Qld Aust

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A History of the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment
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All monies from the sale of this book are collected on behalf of the 2nd/14th Light Horse Museum Trust.

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