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 on: 29 May 2017, 04:09:11 pm 
Started by Frev - Last post by Frev
Ta Steve - J.O.H. NICKOLL is new to the database.

Have built a file on him
Cheers, Frev

NICKOLL, John Oliver Harvey

Born on the 23rd of February 1890 at the family home Weeroona, Mudgee, NSW – the son of (Dr) Edward Harvey Bird NICKOLL and Mary Augusta FLEMING, who married at St Matthew’s Church, Albury, NSW on the 23/4/1889
Harvey and Mary were living at Perry-street, Mudgee in 1917; Barham, Linburn in 1919, 1930, and left the Mudgee district in 1935
Harvey died on the 11/9/1939 at their home in Terrigal, and Mary died the following year on the 5/5/1940 at Darling Point

1. Joan b1895 Mudgee;
2. Roger Sayer Fleming b.1/11/1898 Mudgee – WW1: Lieut, RFC / RAF 1917-1919 – marr Helen Mary YOUNG 1922 (divorced) – remarried Beatrice Elspeth – WW2: RAAF, Sqdn Ldr, RAAF Station, Pearce – d.3/8/1975 WA, cremated Karrakatta and ashes scattered

Religion: Church of England
Educated at the Mudgee Grammar School, and for 3 years at the Sydney Church of England Grammar School
He was a keen football, cricket, and polo player
After leaving school he worked on the Lake Midgeon Station, Narrandera, before returning to Mudgee, where he had been serving as a 2nd Lieutenant for 2½ years with the local Light Horse at the time of his enlistment in WW1

Received his appointment with the AIF 27/8/1914 as a 2nd Lieutenant
Embarked 18/10/1914 on the A16 Star of Victoria with the 1st Light Horse Regiment (for Egypt)
Promoted to Lieutenant 1/2/1915
Proceeded to join the MEF Gallipoli 9/5/1915
Wounded during the Turkish attack on Popes Post on the 19/5/1915 by a perforating bullet in the left forearm, which had to be amputated at the shoulder
Evacuated to Malta on the HS Soudan and admitted to the St Andrew’s Hospital 24/5/1915
Mentioned in Army Corps Orders for his service whilst on the Peninsula
Embarked on the HMHS Somali 20/8/1915 for England where he was admitted to the 3rd London General Hospital at Wandsworth on the 28/8/1915
To be Temporary Captain 21/11/1915 and appointed AESO – transferred to Supernumerary List 12/12/1915
Attached for duty with Admin HQ (E.S.O. Plymouth) 28/1/1918
Posted for duty with A.I.F. Admin HQ 21/2/1918, and to retain temporary rank of Captain whilst employed on Embarkation duties
Appointed Embarkation Officer at Liverpool 3/12/1918, from Plymouth
Granted 1914 Leave in UK from the 17/12/1918 to the 2/3/1919

Whilst on Leave, he married Charlotte Louisa (Dot) KEELING on the 19th of December 1918 at St Anne, Manchester, England
Charlotte was born in 1892 in Prestwich, Lancashire – the daughter of Arthur (an Artist) and Mary Jane – she died on the 4/1/1957 in Sydney

The couple returned to Australia together on the SS Warwickshire, departing England on the 5th of April 1919, and his appointment was terminated on the 14/6/1919

Member of Limbless Soldiers’ Association

Child: John Keeling b.c1928 (in Advertising) – marr Dorothy Mary – d.9/3/2011, age 83

Resident of Barham, Linburn, NSW in 1921
President of the newly formed Sports Committee, of the Mudgee Light Horse 1921
Grazier – Killimicat Station, Tumut, NSW in 1923, 1930
President of the Tumut Rodfishers Association 1925, 1926
Salesman – 115 Victoria St, Darlinghurst West 1931; 4 Manns Ave, Neutral Bay 1933; 11 Phillip St, Neutral Bay 1934, 1935; Cliff House Harriette St, Neutral Bay 1936, 1937;

WW2: Lieut, 8th BN VDC, 1942-44

Salesman – 14 Florence St, Cremorne 1949, 1954
Following Charlotte’s death in 1957 Oliver was residing in the town of Nimmitabel (1958)

Died on the 31st of October 1965 – late of Cremorne Point
Cremated at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, NSW

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), Mon 17 Mar 1890 (p.1):
NICKOLL – February 23, at her residence, Weeroona, Mudgee, the wife of Dr Harvey Nickoll, a son.

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Mon 15 Sept 1813 (p.7):
The Procession
The procession was undoubtedly the finest that Mudgee ever saw.  It was about 1¼ mile long, and comprised a large number of magnificent trades, business and humorous displays.
There was a large attendance of members of the various local military forces.  First came the members of the A.L.H. in full uniform and mounted upon the high-class horseflesh, which has more than once, earned the praise of inspecting officers.  They were led by Lieut Nickoll.  ………………

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 20 Aug 1914 (p.21):
Lieut Nickoll asks for the names of horsemen willing to join the Australian expeditionary force.  Applicants would be all the more welcome if they had previous training, but this is not essential.  All applications should be in by 3 o’clock to-morrow.

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 24 Aug 1914 (p.1):
Convivial Farewell To Departing Soldiers
On Thursday night last the members of the local A.L.H. establishment and a number of townspeople attended at the drill hall to bid farewell to Lieut Nickoll and other volunteers for the Australian Expeditionary Force.  The gathering was an informal one and of a happy-go-lucky nature.
Mr C.G. Madell proposed the toast of “Lieut Nickoll and his Brave Comrades.”  …………………………

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 24 Jun 1915 (p.22)
‘Stark Staring Mad’
How the Australians Fought
Letter from the Front
Lieut Oliver Nickoll, of the A.L.H., who has since been wounded, writes to his parents, Dr and Mrs Harvey Nickoll, of Mudgee, under date May 17:–
“I have not got any writing paper with me, but a message book comes in handy.  I am on Gallipoli Peninsula, but beyond that I can’t tell you our position.  I don’t think much of infantry work, but it is better than sitting in Egypt doing nothing.  The country here is rough and very steep and if we stay here much longer I think we shall grow claws.  Our trip here from Alexandria was quite uneventful, and only one man got hit landing: that was by a spent bullet which knocked his front teeth out.  A torpedo boat took us from the transport and emptied us out on a pontoon on the beach.  We sat on a hillside there for about five hours, and got our first taste of shrapnel, which was bursting quite close to us, but fortunately no one got hit.  Then we moved off towards the firing line, and bivouacked about 330 yards from it, in a hollow.  In spite of incessant firing on the Turk’s part, I think we all slept the sleep of the just.
Next morning the officers and N.C.O.’s were taken into the trenches to have a look round before taking them over from the people then holding them.  At midday we took possession, and we have been here ever since.  That was on May 13, and to-day is the 17th.  For three weeks now this scrap has been going on, and the firing continues incessantly day and night.  It has not stopped for three seconds since we came here, and the other people say it was just the same while they were here.  I have met quite a number of “Shore” old boys.  Jack Massie is one of them, and he is quite well and happy as a king.
By Jove, our infantry have made a name for themselves, and the things they have done here are nothing short of marvellous.  British regular officers say they never saw or heard of anything like it.  I know that when I look at the places they took at the point of the bayonet I can’t understand how they did it.  I think the fact of the matter is they went stark, staring mad.  The Turks go for their lives now at the sight of a bayonet.  Sometimes, at night, they sneak up to the trenches and throw bombs in, but if we just hold up a bayonet over the top and shake it a bit they go for their lives.  The other night we had to cover an advance of some of our people with rifle fire, and we had a great time.  Rifles got too hot to hold, and language too hot to listen to; but although our men took the trenches they had to leave them owing to machine-gun fire.  Ronald and all others are well.  Mail just going.”

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 8 Jul 1915 (p.17):
Mudgee Men at the Front – Doing Well
Dr Harvey Nickoll sends us an extract from a letter received yesterday from his son, Lieut Nickoll.  It reads: “When I left all the Mudgee men were alright. ….. Sergeant Wright covered himself with glory, and saved us a lot of annoyance by finding and shooting a sniper, who was worrying us behind our trenches.”

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), Mon 12 Jul 1915 (p.5):
Lieutenant J.O.H. Nickoll (wounded) is the eldest son of Dr Harvey Nickoll, of Mudgee, and grandson of the late G.T. Fleming, of Albury.  He was educated at the Mudgee Grammar School and Sydney Church of England Grammar School.  He was a keen football, cricket, and polo player.  After leaving school he went to Lake Midgeon Station, Narrandera.  On his return to Mudgee he joined the local troop of Light Horse as 2nd lieutenant.  On the outbreak of war he volunteered, and sailed with the 1st A.I.F. as 2nd lieutenant in C Squadron of the 1st Regiment.  Captain Smith, in a letter, says: – “Although Lieutenant Nickoll’s left arm was nearly blown off at the shoulder, he kept his men in hand; and when we had driven off the Turks, which we did with great loss, he was able to walk 50 yards to the dressing station.”  His left arm was amputated, and he was taken to Malta.

The Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate (NSW), Fri 23 Jul 1915 (p.3):
Letters From the Front
In a letter under date 5th June, Sergeant Fred Ballhausen gives an interesting account to “Mother and all” of the happenings at the front.
The first of my mates to get hit was Eric Dowling, late of Burroway, who had a bullet take his teeth out, but he kept going.  The corporal who was promoted to my place as Lance-Sergeant – F.H. Paul – was shot dead, and such a fine chap.  Two officers, J.O.H. Nicholl and Edmonds were also wounded.  The latter came to the office during the week to see me, and hopes to return to the front shortly.  I had a P.C. from Captain Smith, saying he was O.K., which is good news.  The First L.H. were in the big fight, when the Turks lost the 3000, and to hear it described by one that took part in it, it is grand.  Up to this time, when the Turks made a charge, they came nearly to our trenches, and our men would spring out and after them.  Their game then was to turn and run, and our men would be exposed to the fire of concealed guns and machine guns.  This time they charged to within 20 yards of the trenches, but our men stayed in their trenches, and our machine guns fairly mowed them down together with rifle fire.  ………………………………………………..

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 23 Sept 1915 (p.22):
Letters from Sergt Jack Wright – How He Was Hit
Lieut Nickoll’s Amputation
Following are letters received by Miss F. Rope from Sergeant J.R. Wright, of Buccaroo, who was wounded at Gallipoli:–
Valletta, Malta, 22nd July 1915
Lieut Oliver Nickoll is here.  He called in this evening to see me.  He is looking well.  His arm was amputated at the shoulder.  I am very sorry for him.  He was a good officer, and it was a bad day for us when we lost him.  He was a favorite amongst them all.  He is going to England from here, and will be sailing in about a month’s time.
Oliver Nickoll is still here.  He is in a ward about 200 yards from me, and comes across nearly every day to see me.  ………………………………………………….

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 30 Dec 1915 (p.12):
An Interesting Letter
From Private Don Lowe
The following letter has been received by us from Private Don Lowe, of Mudgee, from the military pay office, in London, dated 17th November, 1915: –
“P.S. – Two of my old mates called at the office to-day – Lieut Oliver Nickell (who is looking well, but was unfortunate enough to lose an arm) and Lieut Louis Cox, Yorkshire Regiment who was married last week, and is now returning to duty.”

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 18 Oct 1917 (p.15):
Dr Nickoll’s Sons
Mr Roger Nickoll, son of Dr Harvey Nickoll and Mrs Nickoll, of Perry-street, Mudgee, who has for some time been attending the aviation school at Richmond, where he has received his certificate as a flier, will shortly be leaving Australia with the others for England for further training preparatory to going to the front as members of the Royal Flying Corps.  Dr Nickoll’s eldest son, Lieutenant O. Nickoll, one of the first to volunteer, and who lost an arm on service, is still connected with the military forces in England.  Dr Nickoll has only two sons, who have thus shown their practical patriotism.

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 1 May 1919 (p.7):
Local Brevities
Mr Hayes, a smart young man, a returned soldier, has taken up a block of land on a soldiers’ settlement the other side of Coonabarabran, on the Gunnedah road.  Mr Hayes only quite recently returned from the fighting front, where he met many men from the Mudgee district.  Amongst these was Lieut Oliver Nickoll, son of Dr Harvey Nickoll, of Mudgee, who was one of the first men from the Mudgee district to enlist for service in the great war.  Mr Hayes was with Lieut Nickoll in the fighting in the course of which the lieutenant had his arm so badly shattered by an unlucky shot that it had subsequently to be amputated.  He speaks in glowing terms of Lieut Nickoll’s pluck, courage, and endurance, who notwithstanding that his arm was shattered all to pieces begged his commanding officer to allow him to continue in the action.  He says that Lieut Nickoll was greatly beloved by his fellow officers and by the men under him, and that nothing too much could be said in his praise as a courageous soldier and a gallant and capable officer.

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 5 Jun 1919 (p.13):
Captain J.O.H. Nickoll
Captain J.O.H. Nickoll, eldest son of Dr and Mrs Harvey Nickoll, arrived back in Mudgee on Monday, in company with his wife.  Captain Nickoll was wounded at Gallipoli after being in action for eight days, and had his left arm blown off.  He was then invalided to Malta, and after remaining there for three months he was sent in a hospital ship to London.  After a short leave in London, Captain Nickoll insisted upon doing work of some kind, so he was then engaged in embarkation work at Southampton.  He remained in Southampton for2 ½ years, and was then re-equipped and sent to A.I.F. headquarters in London, and put in charge of the Australian embarkation work.  In December, 1918, he got his leave, and was married to an English lady.  He came back to Australia per the s.s. Warwickshire.  Captain Nickoll’s brother, Lieutenant Roger Nickoll, of the R.A.F., is returning per the s.s. Nestor, which sailed on May 19.

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 17 Jul 1919 (p.10):
Local Brevities
Lieut Roger Nickoll, R.A.F., son of Dr and Mrs Harvey Nickoll, arrived home last week after two and a half years’ service with the Australian forces abroad.  He looks well, and expresses himself as glad to be back in Australia and Mudgee again.  His brother, Lieut Oliver Nickoll, whose active service had seen the war through (at the cost of an arm) returned some few weeks back.

1921 Mudgee LH Sports Committee:

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW), Thur 10 May 1923 (p.5):
We understand that Mr Oliver Nickoll, son of our esteemed local medico, is going to Tumut to manage a station for his father-in-law, who recently arrived from England.

The Kyogle Examiner (NSW), Fri 14 Jan 1929 (p.5):
Captain and Mrs J.O.H. Nickoll, of Killimicat Station, Tumut, are spending a holiday with Mr and Mrs J.P. Howard of South Kyogle.  Although handicapped by the loss of an arm in the Great War, which compels him to drive a modest Ford, the Captain covered a run of 750 miles in less than four days.

1932 New Guardsman’s Account:

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), Tue 2 Nov 1965 (p.30):
NICKOLL, John Oliver – October 31, 1965, of Cremorne Point (formerly of Cooma and Tumut), loved husband of the late Charlotte Louise Nickoll, devoted father of John, loved father-in-law of Dorothy, beloved grandfather of Scott, Linda and David elder son of the late Dr and Mrs Harvey Nickoll (Mudgee) and loved brother of Joan and Roger.
NICKOLL – The Relatives and Friends of the late JOHN OLIVER NICHOLL of Cremorne Point (formerly of Cooma and Tumut) are invited to attend his Funeral, to leave St Chad’s Church of England, Cremorne Road Cremorne, Tomorrow (Wednesday), after a service commencing at 2 p.m., for the Northern Suburbs Crematorium.
NICKOLL – The Members of Limbless Soldiers’ Association are invited to attend the Funeral of their late esteemed Member, JOHN OLIVE NICKOLL.  See family notice.

 on: 28 May 2017, 10:00:11 am 
Started by Michael Bell - Last post by stevebecker

Since you have not gotten back I 'll post the remainder I have on records for others to check out;

McBRIDE   James   2438   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos B Sqn? 4-18 WIA 1-5-18 R/leg at Es Salt (aboriginal)

McCALLUM   Joseph Henry   1202   Pte   11 LHR   6R tos C Sqn 3-16 to 4 LH MGS 2-17 (aboriginal)?

McDONALD   Niney   4441   Pte   LH Reinf   tos 11 LHR 11-18 (aboriginal) AKA Neil McDonald

McKENZIE   Alex   N/R   Pte   DNE   AIF depot (aboriginal) full blood

McKENZIE   Jack   N/R   Pte   DNE   Blackboy depot (half caste aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

McKINNON   John James   50448   Pte   1 GSR Vic   tos CSqn/8 LHR 9-18 (aboriginal)

McPHEE   Roy   N/R   Pte   DNE   15R/10 LHR (half caste aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

MITCHELL   Bismark   19601   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

MOLLOY   David   2437   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos 3-18 disch MU mental (aboriginal)

MONSELL   Henry   19604   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

MORGAN   Charles   19605   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

MORRIS   Frank   2435   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos A Sqn B Troop 6-18 (aboriginal) half caste

MOSS   Sunny   19614   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

MUCKRAY   Hurtle   757   Pte   03 LHR   3R tos A Sqn 4-15 (G) att WFF WIA 9-8-16 shell shock at Bir el Abd AKA Hurtle Mackray (aboriginal) a Ngarrindjeri man

MULLETT   David   500   Pte   1 Remts   2 Sqn att horse shipment to Salonika 8-16 rtn 9-16 T/att FRS Rafa 12-18 (aboriginal)

MURPHY   Archie   3727   Pte   6 LHR   34R tos A Sqn? 6-18 WIA 25-11-18 neck & L/shoulder accident in horse fall at sports meeting at Wadi Henein (aboriginal)

MURRAY   Alan (Clem)   N/R   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) disch not sufficant european parentage

MURRAY   Harry   2436   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos A Sqn? 3-18 (aboriginal)

NICHOLLD   William   2439   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos B Sqn? 5-18 (aboriginal)

NORMAN   Jack Henry   64373   Pte   6 GSR Qld   tos Spr "D" Field Troop & Bridge Trn 1 LH FSE 12-18 (half caste aboriginal) AKA Jack Harry Norman

OLIFFE   Jack   2440   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos B Sqn 5-18 att 8 MVS 11-18 to 9 MVS 11-18 rtn 11 LHR 6-19 (aboriginal) later Cherberg Aboriginal Misson Murgon

PAGEL   William   19602   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

PARKES   Charlie   2443   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos C Sqn 4-18 T/att 9 MVS 8-18 (aboriginal) AKA Charles Parks or true name Charles Parker

PEARCE   William   3431   Pte   6 LHR   29R tos 2-18 to Dvr 1-19 (quarter caste aboriginal)

POLLARD   Jack   2441   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos A Sqn 4-18 (aboriginal)

RALPH   Edward    N/R   Pte   DNE   depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

RILEY   Arthur   19613   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

RINE   Thomas   3513   Pte   ICC   13R to 13Co/4Bn ICC 2-18 WIA 30-3-18 minor at Amman to 14 LHR 7-18 FGCM 5-2-19 striking native sentenced 4 months HL rtn 7-19 to AIF HQ 8-19 (aboriginal) AKA alais William Augustus Riley

ROBERTS   Harry   50278   Pte   1 GSR Qld   tos D Troop BSqn/05 LHR 10-18 (aboriginal)

ROBERTS   Herbert   50265   Pte   DNE   depot 1 GSR Qld Enoggera disch MU ankle injury (half caste aboriginal)

ROBERTS   Pompey   56924   Pte   3 GSR Qld   tos 11 LHR 10-18 (aboriginal)

ROBERTS   Sid   3491   Pte   05 LHR   30R tos B Sqn D Troop 6-18 (aboriginal)

SCOTT   Allan MacIntosh   352   Pte   DNE   CCo/11Bn disch MU (aboriginal)? (11 IR to LH CMF 3 years)

SHEPHERD   Robert   4445   Pte   LH Reinf   tos 11 LHR 10-18 (father half caste aboriginal)

SMITH   Edward   2445   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos A Sqn B Troop 4-18 T/att 4 LH Bde HQ 10-18 to Dvr 2-19 (aboriginal) used as a tracker to find the murder of a Gurkha 24-3-19

STACY   Jack   2056   Pte   ICC   7R tos ASqn/12 LHR 5-17 (B) (aboriginal)

STANLEY   Alexander   50280   Pte   1 GSR Qld   tos 11 LHR 11-18 (aboriginal) negro and white parents

STEWART   John Provins   2088   Pte   01 LHR   14R tos Gnr 3 sect/5 DAC 4-16 to Dvr 114Bty/14 FAB 11-18 F&B (aboriginal) Ex 12R/01 LHR (1697) DNE to 11R/7 LHR (1521) DNE brothers Frank 5 Pnr Bn and Melbourne 4Bn

SYRON   Daniel   3675   Pte   7 LHR   33R tos C Sqn? 6-18 to ADS 6-19 (aboriginal) brothers Karl 55Bn KIA, George 34Bn KIA and David 45Bn

TEARE   Frederick   3496   Pte   05 LHR   30R tos B Sqn D Troop 7-18 (aboriginal)

THOMPSON   Arthur   2081   Pte   DNE   14R/10 LHR (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

THOMPSON   George   N/R   Pte   DNE   Blackboy depot (half caste aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

WALLACE   Daniel   4448   Pte   LH Reinf   tos Spr 02 LHR 12-18 att Rlwy Constr RE 1-19 (aboriginal)

WALSH   Harold   4447   Pte   LH Reinf   tos Sig 11 LHR 10-18 (aboriginal)

WEST   George   3497   Pte   05 LHR   30R tos C Sqn C Troop 7-18 (aboriginal) half caste

WHITE   Joseph   2447   Pte   11 LHR   20R NTOS disch MU (aboriginal) AKA Joe White

WILLIAMS   Gilbert   N/R   Pte   DNE   30R/03 LHR LH depot Mitcham camp disch MU (aboriginal)

WILSON   Sidney   3018   Pte   6 LHR   22R tos 2 LH MGS 7-17 WIA 16-7-18 back shrapnel reported 2 wounded when transport lines shelled at Wadi Aujah to Dvr 9-18 (aboriginal) later WWII 11 Garr Bn AKA Sydney Archibald Wilson

WRIGHT   Joseph Albert   361   Cpl   04 LHR   B Sqn to T/Sgt 8-15 to Sgt 10-15 (G) to 1 Div Cav 3-16 to 2 Anzac LHR 7-16 att school of Instruction 7-17 rtn 8-17 att AA Sect 10-17 to T/SSM B Sqn (from bellington) 11-17 to XXII Corps MR 1-18 to SSM B Sqn (from pilkington) 2-18 att 49 Div 3-18 rtn 4-18 MMilitaire (F) - for his actions during the war, including Anzac, at Messines and Passchendaele F&B RTA 1914 leave (said to be part aboriginal) (C Troop BSqn/16 LH VMR CMF 4 years to Capt 8 LHR Later WWII Hon/Maj 3rd Garr Bn)



 on: 27 May 2017, 09:30:35 am 
Started by Michael Bell - Last post by stevebecker

Here are some I have on records as being Aboriginal or part native, do you want the rest;

ALLEN   Michael John   242   Pte   11 LHR   B Sqn att DSqn/05 LHR 8-15 (G) to Dvr 3-16 to L/Cpl 9-18 att ADS 4-19 rtn 7-19  (aboriginal) used as a tracker to find the murder of a Gurkha 24-3-19

ALLEN   Willie   50246   Pte   1 GSR Qld   tos 11 LHR 9-18 (aboriginal)

ALLEY   Charles   50270   Pte   1 GSR Qld   tos 11 LHR 9-18 later WWII Garr Bn AKA Allie (possibly part aboriginal)

ARNOLD   Edwin James    63982   Pte   DNE   5 GSR Qld to 6 GSR Qld disch MU hernia (Aboriginal)

BAIRD   Charles   1234   Pte   05 LHR   9R NTOS RTA enteric relist 11R/11 LHR (R1234a) tos 10-16 to cook school 5-18 (aboriginal) AKA William Roberts

BAKER   Charles   3024   Pte   6 LHR   22R tos Dvr RHQ 8-17 WIA 16-1-19 fractured ribbs accident (aboriginal)

BAKER   Harry   19600   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

BALSER   Frank   3469   Pte   05 LHR   30R Tos 7-18 later WWII (aboriginal)

BEALE   Robert   1741   Pte   01 LHR   11R Tos 1-16 att WFF to 55Bn 2-17 F&B Ex 12R/6 LHR (1583) (aboriginal)

BECKETT   Bertie   19608   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

BEULAH   Albert   3467   Pte   01 LHR   30R tos Sig 7-18 (aboriginal)

BLACK   Neville   N/R   Pte   DNE   (aboriginal) half caste parents tried to enlist with Martin Blyth GSR

BLANCH   Victor Harold   3288   Pte   02 LHR   27R Tos A Sqn 8-17 WIA 11-4-18 back & neck in Turkish attack at Wadi Nimrin near Ghoraniyeh Bridgehead disch 20-10-18 (aboriginal)

BLYTH   Martin   64321   Pte   6 GSR Qld   tos Dvr 37Co AASC AMDT 2-19 (aboriginal) half caste parents

BOUSER   Walter Robert   1392   Pte   05 LHR   11R Tos 12-15 to 2 double Sqn 7-16 to 4 Cml Regt 11-16 to 11Co/3Bn ICC 3-17 to 11 LHR 9-18 AKA Bonser reported (aboriginal) by grandson brother Albert 18Bn

BRADY   Patrick   50271   Pte   1 GSR Qld   tos 11 LHR 9-18 (aboriginal)

BROWN   Stephen James   1154   Pte   02 LHR   8R tos C Sqn 12-15 Murdos (G) att WFF WIA 19-4-17 head & neck shot reported 1 killed and Maj Chambers with 6 men wounded shelled near Baiket el Sana at 2nd Gaza RTA wounded disch 20-10-17 (aboriginal)

BROWN   William Bert   2422   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos 3-18 (aboriginal) related William 2 LHR

BROWN   William Charles   3409   Pte   02 LHR   29R to A Sqn 1-18 died malaria & pneumonia buried Kantara War Memorial Cemetery Egypt (possibly aboriginal) related William 11 LHR

BURKE   James Ernest   529   Pte   05 LHR   C Sqn Tos C Sqn 7-15 WIA 5-11-15 face, neck & R/hand bomb in Turk attack at Wilson's Lookout evac to hosp 11-15 (G) rtn C Sqn 1-16 to L/Cpl 1-16 to Cpl 5-16 to T/Sgt C Troop? (from fraser WIA) 9-16 to Sgt 10-16 to hosp (rheum) 7-17 to 2 LHTR 9-17 rtn C Sqn? 11-17 MM  - reason not stated possibly with Lt Currie's Troop at Amman 25-9-18 gazette No 119 dated 17-10-19 RTA 1914 leave (said to be aboriginal)

BURNETT   Frederick Arthur   2423   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos 4-18 att groom 4 LH Bde HQ 4-18 rtn 1-19  (aboriginal) (CMF 3 years)

BURNS   Charles   1547   Pte   10 LHR   12R tos Dvr 12Co AASC 3 LH Bde Train 1-16 to B Troop 1 LH Sig Sqn 3-16 commendation in DMC RO's - for saving Pte Moffat NZMR in surf (aboriginal) later WWII Spr Rlwy Co's RAE

CABBO   Daniel   N/R   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

CAIN   James Edward   3146   Pte   ICC   11R to 11Co/3Bn ICC 9-17 to 15 LHR 7-18 to 4 LH Bde HQ 6-19 (aboriginal)

CALLANAN   Joseph   N/R   Pte   DNE   LH depot Enoggera disch underage (Aboriginal)

CAMERON   Alfred   1173   Pte   03 LHR   8R tos B Sqn 11-15 (G) att WFF to 5 Sect/1 LH MGS 2-17 FGCM 4-8-17 disobeying sentenced 4 months HL reduced to 2 months FP1 rtn 10-17 (Aboriginal) A Ngarrindjeri man from the Temprominjerie and Milmanijirie clans

CAMPBELL   William Charles   3471   Pte   01 LHR   30R Tos 2 ASH 3-18 to Dvr 3 LHFA 6-18 att 4 LHFA 11-18 (aboriginal)

CAPES   Samuel John   219   Pte   7 LHR   A Sqn disemb Albany WA disch refused vaccinated relist CCo/33Bn (723) WIA 17-4-18 gas at Villers Bretonneux rtn 6-18 F&B (aboriginal)

CARMODY   Christopher   N/R   Pte   DNE   21R/25Bn (Boer War Sth African Regt) (aboriginal)

CARTEN   Angus Bruce   2161   Pte   05 LHR   15R tos C Sqn B Troop 8-16 WIA 8-11-17 head/face shot L to R cheeks reported 3 killed and 13 wounded in fighting near Wadi el Hesy and Tel el Nejila near Huj to ADS 3-18 att guard 1 Sqn AFC 6-18 rtn ADS 1-19 (aboriginal)

CASTLES   William   2507   Pte   54Bn   5R tos CCo 3-17 WIA 15-5-17 L/arm & both legs F&B died of nepthritis on HMTS "Suevic" A29 NKG listed on Villers- Bretonneux Memorial France Ex LH depot disch refuzed vaccinated DNE (aboriginal)

CHATFIELD   William Wallace   57312   Pte   4 GSR NSW   tos ASqn/01 LHR 10-18 to Dvr Transport Troop 11-18 revert 11-18 (aboriginal)

CHRISTIE   William   19606   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

COLLINS   Edward   2424   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos A Sqn B Troop 5-18 to C Sqn (aboriginal) half caste brother Fred 11 LHR

COLLINS   Frederick   2459   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos 5-18 (aboriginal) brother Edward 11 LHR

COMBARNGO   Glen   50248   Pte   1 GSR Qld   tos Dvr 02 LHR 10-18 (aboriginal)

COMBO   George   4259   Pte   29Bn   11R to 8 Trg Bn UK 2-17 tos CCo 3-17 WIA 26-9-17 R/thigh shrapnel reported 46 killed and 194 wounded during fighting at Polygon Wood rtn 12-17 WIA 1-8-18 L/leg shrapnel reported during fighting at Morlancourt to Dvr 32Bn 10-18 F&B Ex LH depot 1 Sqn DNE (aboriginal) half caste mother father white

COOLWELL   Fredrick   56907   Pte   3 GSR Qld   tos BSqn/11 LHR 11-18 (aboriginal)

COOPER   Tom   N/R   Pte   DNE   LH depot 15R/10 LHR (aboriginal) Not of substanly European desent

CORBITT   Frank   14552   Pte   DNE   depot disch (aboriginal) Not of substanly European desent

COSTELLO   Jack   2425   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos 3-18 (aboriginal)

COUCHY   Walter   2420   Pte   05 LHR   16R to AATD UK 8-16 tos 9 FAB 11-16 to 23 FAB 12-16 to Dvr 27Bty/7 FAB 1-17 F&B (aboriginal)

COWAN   Harold Arthur   3662   Pte   ICC   14R tos 6 LHR 8-18 (aboriginal) AKA Arthur Williams

CRAIGIE   Peter   2099   Pte   9 LHR   15R to 5 DBD 6-17 to Gnr 5 DAC (2099a) 8-16 to Dvr 3-17 to 51Bty/13 FAB 12-17 to 32Bn 6-18 att 8 LTMB 7-18 rtn 9-18 F&B married before emb (aboriginal)

CROUGH   Joseph   1259   Pte   8 LHR   10R tos 12-15 (G) T/att 3 LH Bde HQ 7-18 (aboriginal) brother Kenneth 58Bn uncle Walter 3 MG Bn

CUBBO   John   3121   Dvr   ARU/Egypt   tos D Troop BSqn/05 LHR (3121a) 2-19 Ex depot disch 7-9-17 not sufficant european parentage father native mother half caste  (aboriginal)

CUMMINGS   Willie   63989   Pte   5 GSR Qld   tos T/Dvr 32Co AASC Anzac MDT 12-18 (aboriginal) AKA William Cummins

DAVIS   William   N/R   Pte   DNE   Blackboy depot (half caste aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

DICK   Ossie   19609   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

DOUGLAS   Murtle   19614   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

DOYLE   Harry   2426   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos 3-18 (aboriginal)

DUNCAN   Walter Herbert   3477   Pte   01 LHR   30R Tos 5-18 (aboriginal)

ELLA   Jack Murray   138   Pte   11 LHR   A Sqn att DSqn/02 LHR 8-15 (G) WIA 25-9-18 R/wrist shot during fighting at Semakh (aboriginal) related to Ella brothers Rugby Internationals

ELLIS   George Arthur   3056   Pte   05 LHR   23R tos Dvr 32Co AASC Anzac MDT 8-17 (aboriginal)

FIRTH   Ernest James   1696   Pte   01 LHR   11R Tos B Sqn 1-16 att WFF killed reported 16 killed and 43 wounded during fighting at Khuweilfe buried Beersheba War Cemetery Palestine (aboriginal) related FW Firth

FIRTH   Francis Walter Bertie   1162   Pte   02 LHR   8R tos 4 DASP 6-16 WIA 25-12-17 L/hand burns accident to MT Dvr 2 MTCo 4-18 F&B (aboriginal) related EJ Firth

FISHER   Frank   2428   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos A Sqn B Troop 4-18 (aboriginal) Cathy Freeman's Great Grandfather

FISHER   James   19615   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

FITZROY   Joe   2427   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos 4-18 (aboriginal)

FRANKLIN   Albert   97   Dvr   ARU/India   disch 15-5-18 (Remts PMF) (aboriginal)

FRANKS   Leslie   2334   Pte   02 LHR   16R tos 3Co/1Bn ICC 2-17 to 14 LHR 7-18 T/att 2 ASH 9-18 to 1 LHFA 9-18 (aboriginal)

GEARY   John   2429   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos 4-18 WIA 7-5-18 head & R/buttock bomb reported one of 11 men in air attack on camp outside Jericho disch 4-9-18 (aboriginal)

GOLRRY   Charles   N/R   Pte   DNE   Blackboy depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

GORDON   Roland Donald   2906   Pte   49Bn   7R to 13 Trg Bn UK 2-17 Tos 7-17 WIA 26-9-17 neck shot in 13 Bde attack at Polygon Wood F&B to AAMC 3 AAuxH Dartford UK 1-18 att Queens Hosp Sutton Veny UK 11-18 (CMF 3 years) (aboriginal)

HARE   Valentine   3297   Pte   02 LHR   27R Tos A Sqn? 8-17 WIA 11-4-18 L/thigh shot in Turkish attack at Wadi Nimrin near Ghoraniyeh Bridgehead disch 19-2-19 (aboriginal)

HARRIS   Joseph   56986   Pte   3 GSR NSW   tos 14 LHR 11-18 (aboriginal) an Wiradjuri background

HAWKINS   Henry   2255   Pte   2 Remts   8 Sqn to A/Cpl ARD 9-16 (aboriginal) AKA Harry Hawkins brother Reginald 42Bn PoW

HILL   Christie   19610   Pte   DNE   LH depot (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

HILL   Edward   3238   Pte   01 LHR   26R tos 14Co/3Bn ICC 5-17 to 14 LHR 7-18 (aboriginal)

HOMER   Arthur Charles   115   Pte   05 LHR   1R Tos B Sqn? 2-15 (G) killed in raid at Balkan Pits buried Shell Green Cemetery Gallipoli (aboriginal)? (Coraki BSqn NRL CMF 1 year)

HUBBARD   James Alfred   1726   Pte   05 LHR   11R tos BSqn/2 Remts (1726a) 2-16 to ARD 6-18 later WWII (aboriginal)

HUBBARD   Robert   19603   Pte   DNE   LH depot to Hosp unit 6-17 disch (aboriginal) not sufficant european parentage

JOHNSTON   John   2430   Pte   11 LHR   20R tos B Sqn 5-18 WIA 1-6-18 shrapnel reported by shell fire at Abu Tellul died at 4 LHFA buried Jerusalem War Cemetery Palestine (aboriginal) (half caste with aboriginal mother)

JONES   Albert   64364   Pte   6 GSR Qld   tos Dvr 36Co AASC Aust MDT 2-19 att 37Co 4-19 to 38Co 5-19 half cast (aboriginal) mother (Lucy Lane) native and father white

KAPEEN   George Wilfred   3502   Pte   01 LHR   30R tos Dvr 1 LH Sig Sqn 6-18 (as 'half Maori') (aboriginal)? later WWII

KEARNS   Jack   2431   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos A Sqn? 7-18 (aboriginal) half caste AKA John Kearns

KENNEDY   George   1025   Pte   6 LHR   6R to Farrier 9-15 remain Egypt to S/Smith B Sqn 2-16 T/att 38 mobile wkshop Ramleh 3-18 to T/Far/Sgt C Sqn? 11-18 to Far/QMS RHQ 11-18 (aboriginal)

LAURIE   John McKenzie   2432   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos 5-18 FGCM 6-1-19 entering a local house sentenced 80 days FP 2  (aboriginal)

LAW   Douglas Edward   63999   Pte   5 GSR Qld   tos 02 LHR 11-18 (aboriginal) later WWII related Vincent AASC

LAW   Vincent Frederick   63998   Pte   5 GSR Qld   tos Dvr 32Co AASC Anzac MDT 12-18 WIA 9-5-19 head accident thrown from horse at Kantara (aboriginal?) related Douglas 2 LHR

LEE   Arthur John   1040   Pte   7 LHR   6R remain Egypt Tos 3-16 to Gnr/Saddler AATD (2Bty/1 FAB) disch 18-9-16 MU old wound ulcer on leg said to be (aboriginal) blue eyes fair complexion and hair AKA alais Arthur John Thomas Bolton

LEONARD   Archibald Henry   3662   Pte   01 LHR   33R to AAMC Dtls 1-18 att 2 ASH 2-18 to Dvr 3 LHFA 3-18 T/att 10 LHR 4-18 (aboriginal)

LEWIS   John Homer   50276   Pte   1 GSR Qld   tos 11 LHR 9-18 (aboriginal)

LINGWOODOCK   James   2433   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos A Sqn? 5-18 (aboriginal)

LOCK   James   50333   Pte   DNE   12 LHR Sqn LH Depot Holsworthy 1 GSR NSW (aboriginal) deserter 26-5-18

LOCKE   Henry James   532   Pte   01 LHR   C Sqn 7-15 (P) att scout sniper IXth Corps HQ 8-15 (G) att WFF to Sig RHQ 8-16 to Sig 12Co/3Bn ICC 4-17 to L/Cpl 5-17 to 15 LHR 7-18 to ASqn/11 LHR B Troop 7-18 later WWII (aboriginal) Harry is of Aboriginal heritage a member of the Sydney Darug Lock family descended from Yarramundi related Thomas Locke 7 LHR

LOCKE   Thomas   3715   Pte   7 LHR   34R Tos 6-18 WIA 28-11-18 L/arm & back accident attacked by arabs on leave in Ismailia (aboriginal) his Grand mother Maria Lock was the first native to marry a white man Ex possibly AKA Allen Leslie Locke 4R/45Bn deserted related Henry Locke 1 LHR

LOVETT   Edward McDonald   1598   Pte   04 LHR   12R tos 11-15 to 2 Anzac LHR 7-16 to XXII Corps MR 1-18 to 13 LHR 12-18 F&B (aboriginal) later WWII Cpl 12 Garr Bn brothers Frederick 4 LHR, Alfred 26Bn, Leonard 39Bn and Herbert MGC

LOVETT   Frederick Amos   3815   Pte   04 LHR   29R Tos 1-18 T/att 11 LHR 10-18 (aboriginal) later WWII brothers Edward 4 LHR, Alfred 26Bn, Leonard 39Bn and Herbert MGC

LUCAS   James   953   Pte   05 LHR   5R tos C Sqn 9-15 (G) killed by shell possibly to take the last old Turkish trench at Wilson's Lookout buried Shell Green Cemetery Gallipoli  (aboriginal)

LYNCH   Leonard   2434   Pte   11 LHR   20R Tos C Sqn? 4-18 (aboriginal) half caste

Do you want the remainder?


 on: 26 May 2017, 09:57:10 am 
Started by Frev - Last post by stevebecker

Thank you.

Hear is another I missed?

NICHOLL   John Oliver Harvey      2/Lt   01 LHR   C Sqn D Troop 10-14 to C Sqn A Troop (in Army lists dated 12-14) shown C Sqn A Troop in unit history shown C Sqn A Troop in war dairy 5-15 shown C Sqn 1 Troop (in Army lists dated 7-15) WIA 18/19-5-15 L/arm shot reported 11 killed and 17 wounded during Turkish attack on Popes Post (NP) reported MID? awarded mentioned by Corps commander for his good work at Anzac evac to St Andrews hosp Malta 5-15 to hosp Wandsworth UK 8-15 (G) L/arm amputated prom T/Capt AESO AIF HQ UK 11-15 born 23-2-90 (prov 2/Lt 2Sqn/2 LH 18-3-12 to ASqn/9 LH 1-7-12 CMF 2 years later WWII) married Charlotte Keeling in Manchester UK 19-12-18 AKA John Oliver Harvey Nickoll



 on: 25 May 2017, 12:08:15 pm 
Started by Michael Bell - Last post by stevebecker

Sorry but I don't record Jim Burke as an Aboriginal or is he so in his service file, while its possible when you read his file being dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair, while this in its self does not mean he was Aboriginal as this was on many AIF men's records.

I record him as;

BURKE   James Ernest   529   Pte   05 LHR   C Sqn Tos C Sqn 7-15 WIA 5-11-15 face, neck & R/hand bomb in Turk attack at Wilson's Lookout evac to hosp 11-15 (G) rtn C Sqn 1-16 to L/Cpl 1-16 to Cpl 5-16 to T/Sgt C Troop? (from fraser WIA) 9-16 to Sgt 10-16 to hosp (rheum) 7-17 to 2 LHTR 9-17 rtn C Sqn 11-17 MM  - reason not stated possibly with Lt Currie's or Lt Byrnes Troop at Amman 25-9-18 gazette No 119 dated 17-10-19 RTA 1914 leave

As to his MM, I have not found why it was given, but I believe he may have been in either Lt Byrnes Troop or Lt Currie's Troop with Troop Sgt Pat Kelly who gained a DCM in action outside Amman 25 Sept 1918. The story is in a number of books (5th LHR history & From Law to War) but Jim Burke fails to get a mention anywhere?

I have placed a long list of known aboriginal soldiers in the LH with some personal details, I have found over the years and that list has been reproduced by many others over the years on a number of sites?

If you need what I have please let me know?



 on: 22 May 2017, 10:58:04 am 
Started by Michael Bell - Last post by Michael Bell
Hello all,
My name is Michael Bell Indigenous Liaison Officer with the Australian War Memorial, I have just come across your website and would be interested in any servicemen of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders descent that you may have identified. I have carriage of the National list to identify and recognise the contribution and service of the men and women. Any assistance that you could provide would be invaluable.

I am told that approximately 15% of Military Medal recommendations do not appear on the Australian War Memorial Honours and Awards (Recommendations: First World War) online database. My man Burke appears to one of these guys, I have been to the Gazetteā€™s London and Australia with no luck, the book by Michael Maton Gallantry and distinguished service awards to the Australian Army during the First World War : the Military Medal, again with no luck.

I was hoping that this research may have  already have been done by someone in your association, such as  report based on records such as war diaries, routine orders and other material that will help identify when and where the Military Medal was gained and hopefully the reasons for the awards. This is my ultimate goal.

Details of soldier
James Ernest Burke 529 MM Aboriginal soldier 1st AIF 5th Light Horse Regiment, A and then C Squadron

If you can help, please contact me at your convenience.

Michael Bell
Australian War Memorial

 on: 20 May 2017, 03:54:27 pm 
Started by Frev - Last post by Frev

Here's another one;

MONY   Jacques   358   Pte   10 LHR   B Sqn B Troop WIA 7-8-15 L/arm shot reported only man wounded in Lt Kidds Troop in charge at the Nek evac to hosp 8-15 (G) to AAMC 4 Div Base Dtls 8-16 to 1 AGH 9-16 to AAMC Dtls UK 1-17 rtn 6-17 to 3 FAmb 7-17 to 2 FAmb 1-18 F&B RTA 1915 leave married Clara ? in Stroud UK 20-3-18 AKA Jacques Charles Clement Mony de Kerloy

I have no surname for her?



Steve - re this couple - they actually married in Albany, WA on the 20/12/1914 (wife: Clara SAMPSON) - so after he enlisted, but before he sailed.
Sadly they divorced in 1920 - you can read the story here (including as to why she was O/S during the war):

Jacques remarried in 1921 to Isabel Emma MATTERS.
Cheers, Frev

 on: 20 May 2017, 03:46:29 pm 
Started by Frev - Last post by Frev

I noticed a document in service file page 19.

STEELE   Thomas Nelson William Beevor   74   Sgt   11 LHR   A Sqn att DSqn/02 LHR 8-15 evac to St Johns hosp Malta (tonsilitis) 11-15 (G) rtn 2-16 prom 2/Lt 49Bn 17-3-16 MC - for his actions as Lewis gun officer at Pozieres 8-16 WIA 2-11-16 fractured L/leg accident in training at Rechlinghem F&B to 10 Trg Bn Perham Downs UK 4-17 att AIF depot (1 com) UK 4-17 prom Capt 11-17 att AIF depot (4 com) Hurdcott UK 11-17 RTA own request disch 2-5-18 (D Troop BSqn/2 LH CMF 2 years) brother William 2 LHR

Which shows a letter which mentions his brother getting married in Egypt.

I checked his brothers file but didn't see any thing?

Any ideas?

His brother

STEELE   William Alan Beevor      Lt   02 LHR   A Sqn B Troop (in Army lists dated 12-14) shown A Sqn D Troop (in unit history) shown A Sqn C Troop war diay 5-15 shown A Sqn 2 Troop (in Army lists dated 7-15) shown A/Adjt RHQ 8-15 (Tiddy evac to UK ill) prom T/Capt Adjt RHQ 10-15 (G) att WFF prom staff Capt 13 Bde HQ 2-16 prom Maj 52Bn 10-16 F&B disch 26-4-17 MU hernia (CMF Capt - Bvt Maj GSO (3) 1MD 11-18 Brig Maj 1 Cav Bde 1-20 to GSO (2) trg 1-25 to Maj 16-11-27 to GSO (1) 2 Cav Div 4-29 to AA&QMG 1 Cav Div 11-29 to Director S&T AHQ 9-31 to DAQMG AHQ 1-35 to LtCol 3-7-38 later WWII Col HQ 1st Motor Div to Brig Gen Staff Corps CBE brother Thomas 11 LHR related Arthur 2 LHR



Steve - I am so sorry - I totally missed seeing this until now!!

Thank you, I do already have Thomas N.W.B. Steele's brother in the database - but it's not William A.B. Steele - he was their cousin.

Thomas's brother was Arthur Beevor STEELE - they were both sons of Thomas Beevor STEELE and Louisa HOLE.
Arthur (Maj, 2nd LH) married Ellen Mary Kathleen (Nelly) LITTLEWOOD on the 25/4/1916 at Cairo (she was born in Egypt, but the daughter of an English Civil Servant)

William Alan Beevor STEELE was the son of Charles Beevor STEELE and Mary Frances TYMONS - and his father Charles was the brother of Thomas (Snr).

Cheers, Frev

 on: 19 May 2017, 10:29:46 am 
Started by Frev - Last post by stevebecker

Here's another one;

MONY   Jacques   358   Pte   10 LHR   B Sqn B Troop WIA 7-8-15 L/arm shot reported only man wounded in Lt Kidds Troop in charge at the Nek evac to hosp 8-15 (G) to AAMC 4 Div Base Dtls 8-16 to 1 AGH 9-16 to AAMC Dtls UK 1-17 rtn 6-17 to 3 FAmb 7-17 to 2 FAmb 1-18 F&B RTA 1915 leave married Clara ? in Stroud UK 20-3-18 AKA Jacques Charles Clement Mony de Kerloy

I have no surname for her?



 on: 02 May 2017, 08:16:11 am 
Started by stevebecker - Last post by stevebecker
More Nov 1916,

THROSSELL   Frank Eric   64   Cpl   10 LHR    A Sqn to Sgt 5-15 WIA 7-8-15 chest shot in charge at the Nek evac to hosp 8-15 to hosp UK 10-15 (G) rtn 2-16 prom 2/Lt 3 LHTR 8-9-16 T/att school of Instruction (20th officers general course) Zeitoun 11-16 rtn C Sqn D Troop 2-17 reported killed shot to head during fighting at Atawine Redoubt and body left on battlefield at 2nd Gaza no burial recorded later (believed buried in) buried Gaza War Cemetery Palestine brothers Hugo VC and Harry 5 Pnr Bn

WALKER   Young Hargreaves   470   Pte   8 LHR   C Sqn C Troop prom 2/Lt B Sqn? ? Troop 7-8-15 (G) shown C Sqn A Troop? 1-16 att school of Instruction (cavalry course) Zeitoun 11-16 rtn 12-16 MC & MID - for his actions in capturing four Guns at Magdhaba 23-12-16 shown his patrol captured a 9 men post near Rafa 1-17 att water officer Anzac MD HQ 1-17 rtn 3-17 prom Capt B Sqn (from warne) 5-17 att water officer (Imperial) Aust MD HQ 6-17 rtn 7-17 to 3 LHTR 9-17 rtn 11-17 prom Maj OC B Sqn 11-17 shown OC B Sqn 12-16 T/att contact patrol reports 113 Sqn RFC at Sarona 4-18 shown OC B Sqn 5-18 recom bar to MC - for his actions at Es Salt 2/3-5-18 shown OC B Sqn 2-19 (B Troop ASqn/25 LH CMF 1 year)

Dec 1916,

BRIERTY   Alwyn Robert   229   Sgt   11 LHR   B Sqn att DSqn/05 LHR 8-15 (G) rtn 2-16 prom 2/Lt possibly C Sqn ? Troop (from Nobbs) 31-7-16 att school of Instruction (cavalry course) Zeitoun 12-16 rtn 1-17 to 3 LHTR & 4 LHTR 2-17 T/att school of Instruction (25th officers course) Zeitoun 4-17 rtn to A Sqn C Troop 7-17 att school of Instruction (instructor Hotchkiss MG course) Zeitoun 9-17 (OC Alexander A Sqn Troop Lts Brierty Bartlett) 10-17 WIA 7-11-17 L/arm & R/leg shot shown MIA reported his Troop lost 11 killed and 8 wounded in charge at Khurbet Buteihah near Sheria & MC - for his actions at Khurbet Buteihah RTA wounded disch 27-2-19 amputated L/arm

CAMM   Richard Andrew   382   L/Cpl   03 LHR   C Sqn to T/Cpl 5-15 to Cpl (from tongs) 9-15 (G) to SQMS (from drake) 12-15 at WFF prom 2/Lt 12Co/3Bn 1-7-16 att school of Instruction (22nd officers general course) Zeitoun 12-16 rtn 1-17 to T/QM HQ/4Bn ICC 4-17 WIA 4-12-17 L/foot shot reported on raid at Bald Hill att 67 Sqn (1 Sqn) AFC 1-18 to 3 SMA heliopolis) 1-18 to (obsver) C Flight 67 Sqn (1 Sqn) AFC 3-18 WIA 4-6-18 L/wrist shot reported with Lt Tonkin (pilot) BF (B1276) brought down by German rumpler near Bireh on patrol to Damieh (3 victories) RTA wounded (C Troop BSqn/26 LH CMF later WWII Capt 2/2 Pnr Bn MID - for the action when killed during Lt Cutler's winning the VC in Syria) related Albert Camm and Son Richard 2/2 Pnr Bn was KIA after capture by the japs when his ship was sunk by US submarine

CLIFFORD   Charles Joseph   458   Sgt   11 LHR   C Sqn att DSqn/9 LHR 8-15 WIA 30-8-15 minor at Rhododendron Spur evac to hosp (tonsilits)10-15 (G) rtn 1-16 rtn 11 LHR 2-16 to T/RSM RHQ (from Hoffman) 7-16 prom 2/Lt C Sqn ? Troop (from McLennan) 16-7-16 att school of Instruction (cavalry course) Zeitoun 12-16 rtn 1-17 (shown T/OC Capt Koch C Sqn Troop Lt's Clifford Hoffman Gordon Manning) on Auja raid 5-17 att school of Instruction (topo course) Zeitoun 6-17 (OC Munro C Sqn Troop Lt's Gordon Wilson Hoffman Clifford) 10-17 MC - for his actions at Sheria 7-11-17 and at El Kustine & Mesmiyem 13-11-17 shown still C Sqn 1-18 shown Intell/scout officer to scout course at El Arish 3-18 rtn 4-18 shown as T/Sig officer & Scout/Intell officer RHQ 7-18 WIA 25-9-18 R/hand shot reported with sword smashed attacking Germans at Semakh + bar to MC - for his actions at Umm Esh Shert near Es Salt 29/30-4-18 and for his actions at Semakh 25-9-18 rtn posibly C Sqn ? Troop 11-18 shown as pay officer 12-18 att Regt records AIF HQ 2-19 rtn 6-19 shown B Sqn T/att A Sqn 3-19 shown att guide to offical photgrapher of Battlefields 4-19 (ECo SA IR CMF 2 years)

HAYDON   Guy Bloomfield   319   Sgt   12 LHR   B Sqn 3 Troop att DSqn/7 LHR 8-15 prom 2/Lt B Sqn 3 Troop (from Huxley WIA) 22-10-15 (G) rtn B Sqn 3 Troop (OC D'Arcy B Sqn Troop Lt's Hampton Hayden Abbott Lindeman) 2-16 att school of Instruction (officers general course) Zeitoun 12-16 to hosp (piles) 4-17 rtn 6-17  T/att Comp Sqn (OC Hyman 2ic M.Brown Troop Lts Haydon Abbott G.Brown Dobson) for Chavuel 7-17 shown possibly (OC Fetherstonhaugh B Sqn 2ic Davies Troop Lt's Lindeman Robey Haydon Abbott) 10-17 (B) WIA 31-10-17 L/buttock shot reported in charge at Beersheba RTA wounded disch 31-5-18 brother Barnard 12 LHR

KATER   Eric Stanley   574   Pte   01 LHR   A Sqn prom 2/Lt C Sqn D Troop 5-1-15 shown C Sqn D Troop in war dairy 5-15 shown C Sqn 4 Troop (in Army lists dated 7-15) (P) to Blue Sisters hosp Malta (ulcer) 8-15 to hosp UK 9-15 (G) rtn 6-16 to Orderly Officer ADC to Gen Cox 1 LH Bde HQ (from Burns) 6-16 recom - for his actions at Romani and Bir el Abd Aug 1916 rtn 12-16 att school of Instruction (unknown course) Zeitoun 12-16 rtn A/Adjt RHQ 1-17 prom Capt (from Weir) 15-2-17 to Adjt RHQ (from wadsworth) 2-17 to OC B Sqn 9-17 (Troop Lt's MacDonald Edwards Fawcett) at Beersheba 10-17 MC - for his actions at Khuweilfe 3-11-17 WIA 12-11-17 back/spine shot reported 11 wounded with Capt Kater and Lt Otton near Wadi El Khubb suporting Infantry attack on Burka RTA wounded disch 12-9-18 paralysis of legs

SHAW   Oliver John   493   Sgt   9 LHR    C Sqn to T/SSM C Sqn (from harvey to RSM) 8-15 shown WIA 16-9-15 at Rhododendron Ridge reported revert when evac to Intarfa hosp Malta (dysentry & piles) 9-15 (G) rtn to SSM 3 LHTR 3-16 rtn SSM C Sqn 7-16 prom 2/Lt Troop officer BSqn/3 LHTR 7-9-16 T/att school of Instruction (stokes gun course) Zeitoun 12-16 rtn A Sqn ? Troop 2-17 att school of Instruction (Topo course) Zeitoun 6-17 to A/Adjt RHQ (Wilkinson to Bde HQ) 8-17 to Adjt RHQ (from Wilkinson) 10-17 T/att AIF HQ Cairo 2-18 T/att school of Instruction (cavalry course) Zeitoun 2-18 MID - for his actions in the capture of 1300 prisoners at Duma near Damascus 2-10-18 to UK leave 6-19 to NME UK forstery Ex 1 Div Ammo Col (2896) DNE (Ranfurly Rifles Hawks Bay NZ TF 3 years)

WRIGHT   Frederick Charles Wentworth   208   L/Cpl   01 LHR   A Sqn to Cpl 1-15 WIA 15-5-15 R/arm shrapnel reported 1 killed and 4 wounded suporting CSqn/2 LHR raid at Quinns post (NP) rtn 8-15 to T/SSM A Sqn (from Wisken) 8-15 prom 2/Lt C Sqn D Troop? (from Kater) 14-9-15 (G) to hosp (typhoid and enteric) 1-16 RTA enteric reemb 20R to Troop officer 1 LHTR (from Otten) 9-16 att school of Instruction (instructor MG course) Zeitoun 12-16 rtn 1-17 rtn B Sqn ? Troop 2-17 prom Capt 2ic B Sqn (from Ryrie) 6-17 MID - reason not stated WIA 3-11-17 both buttocks shot at Khuweilfeh to ADC to Gen Chaytor Anzac MD HQ (from Ryrie) 1-18 reported recom Order of the Nile 4th Class N/R

1917 to follow

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