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1   Research - For those that are seeking information / WW1 / 9th Light Horse Questions... on: 29 December 2011, 12:15:33 am

Just a few questions for anyone on here...

1. Did the 9th Light Horse have another coloured shoulder patch before they started using green and gold one??? Or did they use the green and gold patch from the start of the war??? I ask this as a long time ago I saw this Ebay auction that had this shoulder patch with pink or orange on it and it mentioned that it had something to do with the 9th LH but i'm not exactly sure on this...   

2. Is the 9th Light Horse prancing lion badge WW1 era or not???


2   ALHA Archived Forum / Forum 2004 - Research Enquiries / Re: Tpr Herbert Samuel Kerley 9th ALH on: 29 December 2011, 12:01:06 am
Thanks for that Admin! Exactly what I wanted!
3   General Category - This forum is for general discussion topics. / Archived ALHA Forum 2002-2009 / Re: Archived Forum available for viewing. on: 07 January 2011, 01:02:36 am
I'm after a copy of the thread or a link to it regarding Herbert Samuel Kerley - 9th LH. Posted sometime around 2004-2005 by Les Emery. Tried that Web Archive one and spent an hour looking for it and couldn't find the thread...

4   Research - For those that are seeking information / Family Member Research / Re: Missing Servicemen... on: 06 January 2011, 08:13:16 pm
Thanks for that info Steve.
5   Research - For those that are seeking information / Family Member Research / Re: Missing Servicemen... on: 05 January 2011, 01:54:24 am

KERLEY CYRIL EDWARD LAURENCE : Service Number - SX1087 : Date of birth - 27 May 1904 : Place of birth - ASHFORD SA : Place of enlistment - ADELAIDE SA : Next of Kin - KERLEY SARAH

He must have changed his DoB here?

Although his age at death in 1945 is given as 40 years, as per the above DoB?

Its possible he never served overseas (with the AIF) and served in a local Milita LHR in Sth Australia during WWI?

KERLEY   Herbert Samuel    2752   Pte   9 LHR   21R Tos A Sqn 2-17 att Escort Troop HQ Aust MD 5-18 later WWII 4 MTCo 8 Div PoW 15-2-41 in Singapore related William 9 LHR

KERLEY   William Gordon   2753   Pte   9 LHR   21R Tos B Sqn 2-17 disch 27-12-18 MU related Herbert 9 LHR

Cousins I think?



Lauries DOB on his WW2 record is incorrect as when he's enlisted he put his age back exactly 5 years. Laurie served in the Mediterranean region before coming back to Australia and working in the Loveday Internment Camp in the Riverland before dying of illness in 1945. Not after his WW2 record but his supposed WW1 record.

Laurie, Herbert Samuel and William Gordon Kerley are all cousins. Back on the old forum about 2004ish a man by the name of Les Emery posted regarding Herbert Samuel Kerley as he bought some photos and documents of Herberts off of Ebay. I found that post by mistake from searching on Google and I privately corresponded with him providing him with addition information and pictures.
6   Research - For those that are seeking information / WW1 / Re: Soldiers who Married Overseas on: 03 January 2011, 10:03:26 pm
Welcome to the forum Mr/Ms Kerley
And thank you so much for sharing the details on your great grandparents - who are now added to my database.

I found some extra info on a family tree on Ancestry (which you're probably aware of) - but I'd really appreciate knowing if you have details on where your G/Parents are buried. Also if you could confirm whether Desmond Wm who served in WW2 was their son.
Or if you know any more details on Kate apart from her marriage & death dates (ie. parents, where born etc)

As to how they met - the options are limitless - especially since he was a 'free' spirit for many months whilst in England!!

Cheers, Frev

William Ernest Aslat: Born: 21-11-1887 Islington, S.A. Died: 17-12-1957 Adelaide, S.A.
Kate Aslat (fmrly Hayes): Born: 28-4-1893 ?, England? Died: 1968? Adelaide, S.A. (got no more information on Kate atm)

Both are buried in Cheltenham Cemetery, Adelaide. A brass ex-servicemans plaque is on the grave. Which leads to a funny story. About 5 years back, my brother and I went to look for their grave early one November 11th. I had rang the Cemetery caretakers beforehand and got the grave location details, which turned out to be wrong. My brother and I decided to have a search to see if we could find it. We decided to search around the area where the wrong location for the grave was given as the Cheltenham Cemetery is huge. We got about 85% of the way across and gave up when we got to one of my great grandfathers uncles grave (on my fathers side)(on an end of row) as we wanted to attend the Remembrance Day service at Centennial Park Cemetery at 11am. About 6 months later I rang the caretakers up again and this time I got the correct location for William and Kates grave...turns out it was on the next row we would have searched if we hadn't of given up!!!

They had 8 children (6 daughters, 2 sons) and William Desmond Aslat is one of their sons (my grandfather). Supposedly he tried to join up at the start of WW2 but was knocked back due to him being a Borer and was needed on the home front. Also, one of their daughters, Alice Maude Aslat, is the mother of Australian actor Keith Michell.

Also mentioned in the Aslat family history book that Williams two eldest brothers didn't join up but worked in essential industry making ammunition etc. He had another brother who died (in 1913) after falling down a flight of stairs at a North Adelaide brewery.
7   Research - For those that are seeking information / Family Member Research / Missing Servicemen... on: 03 January 2011, 09:57:10 pm
After any information on these individuals who supposedly enlisted or tried to enlist in WW1:

Cyril Edward Lawrence Kerley or simply Laurie (born: 27-5-1899, birth certificate has his full name as Searle Edward)

Accorded to Neil Kerley the footballer in his book "Knuckles: The Neil Kerley Story by Jim Rosevear" his father Laurie served in both WW1 and WW2. Page 9, para 2 says "Laurie enlisted in both world wars. He managed to do this by putting his age forward in World War I. Nothing is known of his war experiences other than he is listed as a private in the A.I.F." Laurie died of illness while serving in WW2 and his WW2 war record is easy to find but I can't find anything about him serving in WW1.

Of note, in the book, Laurie is listed as being born in Moonta, S.A. when he was really born in Alford, S.A. some distance away. So Neil could be mistaken about his dad serving in WW1. Laurie could of done national service in between WW1 and WW2... 

Also, here is an article from The Advertiser from WW1 covering the enlistment of the legendary Bute 16. They still speak of this event today in Bute in hushed tones. Some of the 16 ended up being Light Horseman. (William) Gordon Kerley listed in the article is a great grandfather of mine and I shortly I will post more on the Bute 16...

BUTE, February 14 - The residents of
Bute turned out in large numbers this
morning to witness the departure of 16
young men, who are going into camp or
enlisting. The men were marched
through Main Street by Sergeant Mudge,
the recruiting officer, headed by Private O.
McDonald, both returned soldiers. The
party left for Adelaide, and if all are ac-
cepted the total from Bute and district will
be 79. The names of the latest batch are: 
C. Warren. N. Warren, W. Casey, D.
Casey, Malcolm Morrison, Alfred Jeffreys,
Roy Hall, W. Woodroofe, Herbert Kerley,
C. Kerley, Thomas Hutchinson, V West-
lake, N. Schroeter, K. Matthews, and Gor-
don Kerley.

The name "C. Kerley" in bold and italics is interesting. This is most likely (Henry) Clifford Kerley, the brother of my great grandfather or possibly Laurie Kerley using his full name. If it is (Henry) Clifford Kerley then he certainly didn't go to war as he got married in 1918.

Can anyone shed any light on any of this???
8   Research - For those that are seeking information / WW1 / Re: Soldiers who Married Overseas on: 02 January 2011, 07:00:45 pm

I show him as

ASLAT   William Ernest   221   Pte   Engineer age 26 Prospect SA (5 years 16th LH Indi) Enl 19-10-14 Emb BSqn/9 LHR. WIA 29-5-15 R/knee at Walker's Ridge evac to UK 4-6-15 (illness) Gallipoli. 3 LHTR 1-7-16 to CTU 9-9-16 to 3Bn 11Co 24-10-16 to hosp 2-11-17 (arthritis) RTA 12-11-17 "Wiltshire" med unfit disch 25-1-18 married Mary Hayes at Swindon UK 10-5-16

He appears to have married while recovering of illness from Anzac.

Any other details I don't have would be nice.


I think the information provided by you above covers just about everything I have on him!!! William and Kate got married in England while he was recovering from an injury (which must of been bad for such a long stay over there).

According to "With the 9th LH In The Great War" (Pg 11, para 1), On the 29th May 1915 at 3:17am while on Walkers Ridge, the 9th LH come under heavy rifle fire (covering bomb throwers). Later on at 6:50am, they came under heavy shelling from the direction of "W" Hill (Kushak-Anafarta) causing severe casualties.

William comes across in his war record as a bit of a larrikin (SEE RECORD!). After RTA he was put into the Imperial Camel Corps.

Anyone got any idea on how William and Kate came to meet each other???
9   Research - For those that are seeking information / WW1 / Re: Soldiers who Married Overseas on: 01 January 2011, 05:53:35 pm
My 1st post on this forum...these 2 are my great grandparents on my mothers side:

William Ernest ASLAT - Trooper #221 - 9th Light Horse, B SQN - From Islington (now Prospect), South Australia.
Married Kate HAYES in Swindon, England on the 10th of May 1916.

William survived the war with Kate joining him back in Australia after the end of the war. I have a copy of a photo of him in his LH uniform standing behind his parents who are sitting. Photo supposedly taken in December 1914.

I've got more info if wanted...
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