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Title: dispatch riders. LH WW1
Post by: Administrator on 15 September 2011, 07:25:37 am
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If a Tpr was functioning as a dispatch rider is it possible that this fact may appear in any available records?

Also when a unit was in action (or other for that matter),at what level were dispatch riders required (squadron,regimental,brigade?)

I guess this would also vary according to the action etc the particular unit was involved in undertaking?

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I can only coment on the Camel Corps and there was no position in the Table of Org for a despatch rider or runner.
Now I have ran across men doing this funtion in a number of sourses. These include letters and Red Cross Cards. Unit Histories and such. Personal accounts (Books) and word of mouth.

I have had the same problem trying to find men who were Batman or Orderlies to officers. There was a position in the ToO but hard to find names. I found most on the Weekly strenght returns when an officer is posted some where as his batman almost always goes with him even when going to the AFC.


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Thanks Steve, i'll check Archives for strength and field returns.