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17 January 2018, 12:57:46 pm *
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 on: 13 January 2018, 09:01:12 pm 
Started by stevebecker - Last post by More Majorum

I have no information on the wounding of Sgt Vernon at Tolmans Post from my records. The only information is that that you have found from his Service Record.
From the 3rd LH Bde War Diary, the 12th LH Regt was attached to the Brigade on the 28th August at Aghyl Dere, and the 12th LH HQ being attached to the 8th LH Regt on the 29th August.
I can find nothing in the dairies to explain the circumstances of Sgt Vernon’s wounding.


 on: 06 January 2018, 09:40:41 am 
Started by stevebecker - Last post by stevebecker

Thanks mate, nice one clears up many of the points.

You also pose another interesting one?

Hugh Wright

All the known records show he was wounded 3 June 1915, but the accounts all put pay to that record.

On closer check of his record we see that he did go to the 2 FAmb on the 26 May 1915 from scalp wound

Some time you have to look deeper into the known records instead of just the surface.

Nice one mate

Also if you show it I was after details on the wounding of Sgt Vernon

VERNON   Frederick Henry   22   Sgt/Tpt   12 LHR   RHQ Transport Sgt att RHQ/01 LHR 8-15 to 3 LH Bde HQ 10-15 att 8 LHR 10-15 reported WIA 19-11-15 shown WIA 20-11-15 R/knee shot at Tolmans Post evac to (15 BGH) hosp 11-15 (G) RTA wounded disch 9-10-16 (Boer War 3 NSWIB (65) (shown St Georges Rifles to possibly RHQ/11 LH Aust Horse CMF)

What was he doing with the 8 LHR at that time?



 on: 04 January 2018, 02:06:59 pm 
Started by Frev - Last post by Frev

Happy New Year to you too Steve!

Not sure whether you missed him at all - as I do already have him in the database - so possibly passed on by you....

Hope you have a great year of research ahead of you  Wink
Cheers, Frev

 on: 02 January 2018, 10:32:58 pm 
Started by stevebecker - Last post by More Majorum
Hi Steve,

I have finally found some time to answer your questions, so my apologies for the delay.
What I record of the wounded for the 8th LH on the 26th May numbers eight, excluding Sgt Newland MGS. These I list below by Troop & Squadron with supporting statements where such having been made.

Sgt Ebden Harcourt Roger Palmer No. 41, “A” Troop, “A” Squadron’s WIA, in reserve trenches on Russell’s Top early in the morning, shrapnel wound to the right hip. He was taken down to the No.2 Field Ambulance at Anzac Cove. Evacuated Fleet Sweeper  “Clacton” 27/5/15, embarked for Malta onboard HS “Neuralia” 27/5/15, admitted to Valetta Military Hospital, Malta 4/6/15. Embarked for Egypt onboard HMT “Seang Bee” 15/7/15. Returned to duty 25/7/15.
Capt Day, 2I.C. “A” Sqdn, “Wakened at about 8 a.m. got to bed in hole about 4 a.m. hung clothes out to dry. Almost immediately after shrapnel burst near wounding three men. Four holes in blanket & WP sheet. Gun called “Latrine Ann”. 6 p.m. Latrine Ann has just been firing again. Sgt Palmer & trooper L. Cole wounded, fourteen reinforcements arrived this evening. On night shift to bed about four a.m. night quiet.”
Tpr Wilson: “Many of our troops hit early this morning. Two of  “C” Squadron and 3 of “A” Squadron.
Continual fire on trenches all night. Sgt Palmer wounded by shrapnel.”
Sgt Mulder “A” Troop, “C” Sqdn, stated in his diary: “They got onto us with their shrapnel guns today and wounded a few of our men. Sgt Palmer one of ours got it in the hip.”
Stan Mack “A” Troop, “A” Sqdn later wrote in a letter home; “It was shrapnel that brought poor old Roger Palmer down first time we were in the trenches. He heard the gun go off and made a dive for a small dugout, but fat Q.M. Fry got in before him… Roger did not get the bullet taken out of him but was quite all right and did not affect him in any way. For all that, he was supposed to go to England to have it removed. He was pining to get back to the front so one day, he stowed away on a train which was taking some of the 8th reinforcements and walked into the middle of “A” Troop while they were having breakfast. You can imagine the cheer, but he will be getting hurt for sure, he’s so game – but not careless like some others who have been wounded and killed.”

Tpr Frederick Leslie Penny No. 145, “C” Troop, “A” Sqdn, WIA gunshot wound to skull (severe), evacuated onboard HMHS “Dunluce Castle” to Egypt. Admitted to No. 15 General Hospital, Alexandria.

Sig Edgar Kent No. 131, “C” Troop, “A” Sqdn, shrapnel neck and in shoulder and punctured lung. Admitted to No. 2 Field Ambulance, Anzac Cove. Evacuated Fleet Sweeper “Clacton” 27/5/15, embarked for Malta onboard HS “Neuralia” 27/5/15, admitted to St. Andrews Hospital, 4/6/15. Embarked for England onboard HS “Delta” 6/7/15, RTA aboard HMAT “Runic” 7-11-1915. 
Sig Callow: “There were several casualties from our regiment by this morning. A hot fusillade took place at 3.30 a.m. this morning. Everyone was ordered into the trenches and reserves were brought up in case of a severe charge. It lasted till about 6.30 a.m. with several casualties. Signlr. E. Kent hit with shrapnel in shoulder, penetrating lungs.”

Tpr James Pullar Cameron No. 605 (686) “C” Troop, “A” Sqdn. Shrapnel wound to chest. Admitted to No. 2 Field Ambulance, 26/5/15. Evacuated onboard HS “Neuralia” to Malta, admitted to Military Hospital, Cootenera 4/6/15. Re-embarked for Gallipoli onboard HMT “Southland” 14/6/15, Returned to duty 20/6/15.

Tpr William Sydney Hinds No. 622, 2nd Reinforcements) “D” Troop, “A” Sqdn. WIA GSW right shoulder, admitted to No. 2 Field Ambulance, Anzac Cove, evacuated HMHS “Dunluce Castle” to Alexandria, admitted No. 1 Aust General Hospital, Heliopolis, 11/7/15.

Tpr Lionel Nelson Cole No. 155, “A” Sqdn, WIA by shrapnel, fractured left hand, admitted to No. 2 Field Ambulance, Anzac Cove. Evacuated to Mudros onboard the Fleet Sweeper “Clacton”, admitted to No. 1 Aust Stationary Hospital, Lemnos 27/5/15. Returned to duty 12/6/15.

Tpr William St.Vincent Moody (Moodie) No. 256, “B” Sqdn, shrapnel wound to jaw (fracture) and in the lower temple and ear, which bled furiously. Evacuated Fleet Sweeper “Clacton” 27/5/15, embarked for Malta onboard HS “Neuralia” 27/5/15, admitted to Valetta Military Hospital, Malta 4/6/15.

 Tpr Hugh Wright No. 655, “C” Sqdn, in reserve trenches Russell’s Top wounded by ricochet. GWS to scalp (slight) admitted to No. 2 Field Ambulance, Anzac Cove. Evacuated to HS “Franconia” via Fleet Sweeper “Clacton”, disembarked Alexandria, admitted to No 1 General Hospital, Heliopolis.
The MO Sid Campbell noted how he had been sent for at 5.30 a.m. to tend to some men who had been wounded by a bullet that had struck a sandbag, and had shattered on impact with fragments striking the men below in the trench.. He recorded that Tpr Hugh Wright had received scratches to the head and Tpr Bill Moodie had been hit in the ear and lower temple, which had ‘bled furiously’.
Tpr Doug Hill “C” Sqdn noted in his diary: “H. Wright wounded in the head. In the firing line. Seven of Third Bgde. wounded by shrapnel. Majestic at Cape Helles sunk by submarine.”

Sgt  William Andrew Newland No. 483. 8th LH Machine Gun Section. WIA shrapnel wound to chest, admitted to No. 2 Field Ambulance, Anzac Cove. Evacuated onboard HS “Dunluce Castle” to Alexandria, 27/5/15. Admitted to No. 2 General Hospital, Ghezireh 30/5/15. RTA 3/9/15 from Suez onboard HS “Ballarat”. Discharged 22/12/1915.

To try and answer your last question with regard to what Squadrons of the 8th LH manned the firing line trenches on the 26th May, the following is what I have been able to establish.

The 8th LH Regt War Diary records that The Regiment came under the command of General Russell and was allotted sector No. 4 on Walker’s Ridge and took over the trenches, relieving the NZMR Wellington Mounted Rifles.
The 8th moved out from the beach bivouac at 11a.m. and began the long climb up the cliff face on to Walkers’s Ridge, the climb was extremely difficult as occasional rain showers made the steep track very slippery. Halfway up, just as they had stopped for a rest, they heard a loud explosion out to sea directly of Gaba Tepe, and witnessed a huge water spout alongside the battleship HMS “Triumph”, which rapidly heeled over and began to sink. The 8th occupied the trenches at Walker’s Ridge at 2 p.m., and took up their positions in the firing line. The regiment was required to hold a front line of around 400 yards with each squadron manning about 200 yards of the firing line, this being undertaken by two squadrons holding the fire trenches and one squadron in the reserve trenches. The 8th LHR held the front trenches from Sap No. 5 through to Sap No.10, near the entrance to Bully Beef Sap and over looking Monash Valley (Section 1). The 9th LHR held the positions from No. 4 Sap through to No. 1 Sap (Section 2) and nightly a patrol of one Sergeant and twelve men occupied Turk’s Point until dawn the next morning. Each firing line section was again divided into two sub-sections, (I &II) with the reserve troops occupying sub-section No.3 (III). Those Troops not manning the front line trenches (Supports) were held in the reserve trenches off the Main Street trench line. Each Squadron had a front that took two troops always on guard while the other two were in the trench behind as reserve. The troops in the firing line had two days (48 hours) on duty, and then they were relieved by the reserve troops who moved up and took their places.
Cpl Pickett, “B” Troop, “B” Sqdn, under heading, “In the supporting trenches, 24th May.” He outlines the events for these two days: “We spent several days in our dug outs and I missed all the outpost duties as I had 4 days ‘spell’ before I came into the trenches. We had to climb up a cut path up the cliffs – a climb of about ½ a mile with a full pack on and a supply of fire wood each. I think it would be about 90 lbs. altogether so we were all pretty well done up when we got to our trenches. We are dug in pretty well and fire through loopholes. The trenches are all zigzag so we cannot be fired at from a flank. We are in here for a week and we are 24 hours on and same off. When we are off we go to our dug outs which are built along the cliffs & in the spot where we are there is a drop of 150 feet. We have just got the password through (Hastings) and no-one is allowed along who cannot give it.
Sgt Colin Cameron: “Our regiment went into the trenches.  “B” Squadron left bivouac at 12 a.m. fully equipped and reached their part of trench in pouring rain at about 2 p.m.  “A” and “B” Troops in the firing trench and “C” and “D” as supports. Watched warship Triumph being sunk by torpedo on our way.”
Tpr Carl Holmberg, “C” Troop, “B” Sqdn: “8th Reg entered the reserve trenches.”
Tpr Wilson, “B” Troop, “B” Sqdn: “Battleship Triumph torpedoed and sunk about 1 p.m. Moved into the  trenches this afternoon. Shrapnel fairly close. Turkish trenches about 450 yds away. Had a couple of shots.”

The situation for Wednesday 26th May was: Firing line occupied by two troops each, “A”& “C” Squadrons, “B” Sqdn in reserve. “C” & “D” Troops of “A” Sqdn and two Troops of “C” Sqdn unknown. Two Troops of “B” Sqdn moved up into the firing line when the Turkish artillery opened fire.
Just after 3.30 am the Turkish gun known as ‘Latrine Annie’ opened fire onto Russell’s Top. The barrage opened up again just after 5.30 am.



 on: 02 January 2018, 10:57:55 am 
Started by Frev - Last post by stevebecker

Still double checking some men pays off.

Found another I missed

EURELL   William Patrick   255   Pte   01 LHR   B Sqn T/att 6 LHR 3-15 evac to St Andrews hosp Malta (enteric) 7-15 rtn 9-15 (G) att WFF to T/Cpl (from kelly) 5-16 revert 5-16 to L/Cpl 6-16 to T/Cpl (from forsyth) 8-16 to trade test AFC 10-16 to 68 Sqn (2 Sqn) AFC (255a) 10-16 to MT Dvr 1/AM B Flight 3-17 to hosp 9-17 to 1 Wing HQ Cirencester UK 1-18 to NME UK butchering 4-19 married Lilian Winchcombe at Cirencester 5-8-18 (D Troop CSqn/11 LH CMF) brothers John AFC, Thomas DAC and George AIF depot

Cheers and Happy New year


 on: 31 December 2017, 07:57:20 am 
Started by stevebecker - Last post by stevebecker
Today, Anzac MD with 1 LH Bde and 2 LH Bde are still at rest at Esdud.

The Aust MD with 3 LH Bde arrived after a night march to area of Kefer rut, the 4 LH Bde remained in the Nalin area till the afternoon when it started to move to Ramleh for a rest.


NORRISH   Raymond Richard John   3307   Pte   10 LHR   27R to hosp (malaria) 6-17 to 3 LHTR 7-17 tos B Sqn? 10-17 to hosp (toncilitis) 10-17 died phthisis TB at 14 AGH buried Cairo War Memorial Cemetery Egypt father John 10 LHR brothers Joe and Vic 10 LHR cousins V+ C Piesse deid + 5 cousins in AIF

He appears the last recorded man in Palestine during 1917

And in France


STEED   George   2089   Pte   01 LHR   14R to 1 LHTR 3-16 tos Dvr 3 sect/5 DAC 4-16 WIA 31-12-17 L/hand finger accident reason not stated F&B RTA injury disch 13-12-19

I 'll call in quits for now and pick this up when the operations start in late March 1918

 on: 30 December 2017, 08:10:39 am 
Started by stevebecker - Last post by stevebecker
Today, Anzac MD with 1 LH Bde and 2 LH Bde are still at rest at Esdudd

The Aust MD with the 3 LH Bde & 4 LH Bde were replaced in the line by 29 Bde to move back for a rest.

No losses recorded in Palestine

In France I record two casualties today


CLARK   Frederick William   1333   Pte   13 LHR   7R tos T/Bdr 1 sect/2 DAC 3-16 att Orderly 5 Bde HQ 9-16 to Gnr 10Bty/4 FAB 11-16 WIA 28-12-17 head & concussion accidently injured cause not stated F&B died at 2 CCS buried Trois-Arbres Cemetery Steenwerck France brothers Alexander 23Bn and George MM Sig


CLAPP   Arthur   1308   Pte   04 LHR   10R tos A Sqn 1-16 to 1 Div Cyc 3-16 to 1 Anzac Cyc Bn 5-16 to CCo/7Bn 9-16 to L/Cpl 10-16 to Cpl 7-17 WIA 21-9-17 L/arm shot near Polygon Wood at Menin Road rtn 10-17 WIA 30-12-17 gas "W" near Denys Wood Hollebeke rtn 4-18 WIA 9-8-18 chest, L/arm & thigh shrapnel near Crepey Wood Lihons F&B reported real age 17 father E Clapp HMS Cresent in Royal Navy

 on: 29 December 2017, 08:06:24 am 
Started by stevebecker - Last post by stevebecker
Today, Anzac MD with 1 LH Bde and 2 LH Bde are still at rest at Esdudd

The Aust MD with 3 LH Bde was still in the line at on Namah Ridge near Suffa, the 4 LH Bde had cleared Sh Abdallah ridge late yesterday and now dug in as the British 234 Bde had still not come up on their left.

The Ottoman attack to retake Jerusalem had failed over the last few days, and now both sides settled down, as the weather had turn bad with heavy rain falls over Palestine.


FLOYD   Harry   326   Pte   8 LHR   B Sqn evac to Tigne hosp Malta (hernia) 7-15 to (Lewisham) hosp London UK 8-15 (G) rtn 1-16 qual hotchkiss MG 3-17 to L/Cpl 11-17 WIA 1-12-17 face/jaw shrapnel reported 7 killed and 37 wounded during fighting at El Burj died at 14 AGH buried Cairo War Memorial Cemetery Egypt

LAVERTY   Allan John   1660   Pte   7 LHR   12R tos B Sqn 12-15 att Anzac MD HQ 2-17 rtn 3-17 to hosp (haematuria) 3-17 RTA MU mental stupor disch 21-12-17 died SIW shot himself at home in Australia suicide buried Goulburn Cemetery NSW


IBBETT   George   1604   Pte   02 LHR   12R Tos C Sqn? 2-16 att WFF WIA 29-12-17 R/hand loss of fingers accident reason not stated? in camp at Esdud to (med class B1) 1 LHTR 1-18 to hosp (old injury hand) 1-18 RTA MU invalided AKA George Ephraim Charles Ibbett

 on: 28 December 2017, 10:37:39 am 
Started by stevebecker - Last post by stevebecker

What do you have on the 7 men reported wounded on Walkers Ridge on the 26 May 1915

The War diary mentions snipers and some other word I can't read?

These are the known men I record wounded on that date?

CAMERON   James Pullar   686   Pte   8 LHR   2R (605) tos A Sqn C Troop 5-15 WIA 26-5-15 chest shrapnel or GSW reported 7 men wounded when shelled in No 4 section on Walkers Ridge evac to Cottenera hosp Malta 6-15 rtn 6-15 (G) reported MIA killed in charge at the Nek NKG listed on Lone Pine Memorial Gallipoli

COLE   Lionel William   155   Pte   8 LHR   A Sqn WIA 26-5-15 fractured L/hand injury not stated reported 7 men wounded at No 4 section on Walkers Ridge to hosp Mudros 5-15 rtn 6-15 WIA 7-8-15 abdomen shot in charge at the Nek (G) died on HS "Delta" NKG listed on Lone Pine Memorial Gallipoli AKA Lionel Nelson Cole brothers Dyson 8 LHR KIA, Ernest ICC, Nicholas & Alywin 4 LHR

HINDS   William Sydney   622   Pte   8 LHR   1R tos A Sqn 5-15 WIA 26-5-15 R/shoulder shot reported 7 men wounded by sniper at No 4 section on Walkers Ridge evac to (1 AGH) hosp 5-15 rtn to MG sect? 10-15 (G) to Gnr 47Bty/12 FAB 4-16 to BCo/8Bn 3-17 F&B reported killed by shell diging in at Broodseinde Ridge buried Dochy Farm Cemetery Belgium (B Troop ASqn/20 LH CMF)

KENT   Edgar   131   Sig   8 LHR   A Sqn WIA 26-5-15 shoulder & chest shrapnel reported 7 men wounded at No 4 section on Walkers Ridge evac to St Andrews hosp Malta 6-15 to (2 Western GH) hosp Manchester UK 7-15 to (1 AAux) hosp Harefield UK 9-15 (G) RTA wounded disch 20-2-16

MOODY   William St Vincent   256   Pte   8 LHR   B Sqn WIA 26-5-15 head/face & fractured jaw shot reported 7 men wounded by sniper at No 4 section on Walkers Ridge evac to Valetta hosp Malta 6-15 to (2 Western GH) hosp Manchester UK 6-15 (G) RTA wounded disch 28-7-16 relist Home Guard disch 30-11-16 SNLR (Boer War Sth African LH (2226) later WWII AKA Moodie born off Cape St Vincent Portugal at sea

NEWLAND   William Andrew   483   Sgt   8 LHR   MG Sect WIA 26-5-15 chest shot reported 7 men wounded by sniper at No 4 section on Walkers Ridge evac to (2 AGH) hosp 5-15 RTA wounded disch 22-12-15 relist home service Lt recruiting Ex 04 LHR (35) DNE (Boer War FCo/2 Scottish Horse (31696) & ACo/4 ACH (2221) (2Sqn/10 LH VMR CMF 4 years) AKA William Andrew Newlands brother Maj JE Newland VC 12Bn

PALMER   Roger   41   Sgt   8 LHR   A Sqn A Troop WIA 26-5-15 R/arm shrapnel or GSW reported 7 men wounded at No 4 section on Walkers Ridge evac to Valetta hosp Malta 6-15 rtn 7-15 (G) reported MIA killed in charge at the Nek NKG listed on Lone Pine Memorial Gallipoli AKA Ebden Harcourt Roger Palmer (British OTC to 2Bn The Somerset Light Infantry)

PENNY   Frederick Leslie   145   Pte   8 LHR   A Sqn C Troop WIA 26-5-15 head shot reported 7 men wounded by sniper at No 4 section on Walkers Ridge evac to (1 AGH) hosp 7-15 (G) RTA wounded disch 4-3-16

The odd man out is Lionel Cole who was injured but also reported wounded?

I also notice that Bill Newland is not mentioned as wounded in Simpson's book?

The casualties appear mostly on A Sqn but the odd one in the MG Section and B Sqn, did the whole Regt form into No 4 section as the War diary mentions or did the Regt get into other sections to hold the line?



 on: 28 December 2017, 07:35:09 am 
Started by stevebecker - Last post by stevebecker
Today, Anzac MD was still at Esdud

Aust MD with 3 LH Bde was along the line on Namah Ridge near Suffa, the 4 LH Bde was still along the line Kh Kurisinnieh near Kuddis to Nalin

No casualties today in Palestine

Today also saw another ship return with casualties from the war, over 120 men with illness, wounds and other reasons.

Some interesting ones;

BARNES   Ernest Walter   854   Pte   01 LHR   4R tos C Sqn 7-15 evac to hosp (enteric) 8-15 (G) rtn 1-16 att WFF to hosp (DAH) 5-16 rtn 7-16 WIA 22-4-17 face/chin bomb reported 2 wounded when bombed in air attack near Abu Sitta rtn 6-17 to hosp (DAH) 11-17 RTA MU disch 10-7-18 (ASqn/7 LH CMF)

BAXTER   James Brown   660   Pte   05 LHR   C Sqn WIA 28-6-15 chest shot in attack on the Balkan Pitts evac to (2 AGH) hosp 7-15 (G) rtn 2-16 to L/Cpl 5-16 to T/Cpl (from fraser) 7-16 revert when WIA 7-8-16 R/arm shrapnel around Oghratina rtn 8-16 to Cpl 8-16 to T/Sgt (from tidmarsh) 9-16 revert 9-16 to L/Sgt 1-17 to T/Sgt (from fraser) 1-17 to Sgt 6-17 WIA 8-11-17 L/thigh shot reported 3 killed and 13 wounded in fighting near Wadi el Hesy and Tel el Nejila near Huj RTA wounded disch 20-3-18 (British The Highland Light Infantry Regt TF 1 year)

BILLS   Raymond Leslie   100   Cpl   9 LHR   A Sqn WIA 12-8-15 back shrapnel at Walker's Ridge (G) to 3 LHTR 4-16 to 13Co/3Bn ICC 7-17 RTA family reasons disch 14-2-18 brother Irvine MGC

BRADY   Harold Thomas Leslie   2456   A/Cpl   6 LHR   17R tos T/Cpl 2 LH MGS 7-16 to Dvr B Sig Troop Imperial MD 2-17 to 1 LH Sig Troop 7-17 RTA MU glaucoma disch 12-3-18 (VIR CMF)

GRAY   John William   1242   Pte   10 LHR   9R Tos 2-16 to T/Cpl AProvC Cairo 1-17 att APM stealing Canal zone 6-17 to AProvC MMP Palestine LofC 9-17 RTA MU debility disch 13-2-18 (Boer War Northumberland Fusiliers and Sudan 1898) (British Northumberland Fusiliers 1893 to 1902 9 years

HENDERSON   William John   115   Sgt   10 LHR   A Sqn D Troop shown WIA 7-8-15 in charge at the Nek N/R? DCM & MID - for his actions suporting Lt Throssell at Hill 60 29/30-8-15 to T/SSM A Sqn (from mackenzie) 8-15 (G) to SSM A Sqn (from mackenzie) 3-16 prom 2/Lt C Sqn ? Troop or A Sqn ? Troop (from Capt Macdonald) 23-7-16 T/att Bde Transport Officer 3 LH Bde HQ 11-16 to hosp (gastro) 12-16 RTA MU gastric ulcer reemb Lt 31R NTOS disch 25-1-18 MU died intestinal obstruction and exhaustion at 11 AGH Elsternwick Vic (Boer War 2 VMR (211) and 2nd Scottish Horse (31619) WIA 24-2-00 at Kuilfontein) (3Bn Ballarat to 2 LH VMR to 11Bn WAIR CMF 4 years) brother George 11Bn KIA

JONES   Stanley George   11   MT Dvr   Arm Car Sect   HQ att WFF to 1 Light Car Patrol (LCP) RTA MU enteric disch 4-3-18

LEE   Charles Arthur      Maj   11 LHR   B Sqn OC att DSqn/05 LHR 8-15 (G) rtn OC B Sqn 2-16 (Troop Lts Gee Koch Stumm Farlow) 8-16 MID - for his work at Bir el Aweidiya as part of Smiths Colunm 7-8-16 to 4 Cml Regt 11-16 prom LtCol HQ/4Bn ICC 2-17 recom DSO (his own request) at Auja disch 14-2-18 SNLR Court of Inquiry over the loss of Bald Hill to the Turks on the 27-11-17 (Boer War Cpl ASqn/NSWMR (100), Lt 1 NSWMR & Capt 2 NSWMR and 3 NSWIB) New England Politian father Hon CA Lee MLA brother Lionel 11 LHR died

MAPP   Thomas   1100   Pte   6 LHR   7R Tos 8-15 (G) FGCM 1-9-16 AWoL sentenced 6 months HL suspended 5-11-16 rtn A Sqn 6-17 FGCM 20-10-17 AWoL sentenced 3 years PS comutted to 2 years HL FGCM 5-11-17 insuborinate sentenced 14 years PS reduced to 3 years RTA as prisoner disch 31-8-18 SNLR forfit all medals (Boer War Sth African LH and Johannesburg MR (2395)

SLAVIN   Albert Edward   341   Pte   10 LHR   B Sqn B Troop? WIA 21-6-15 knee injury evac to Lemnos 6-15 rtn 7-15 to Cpl 8-15 evac to hosp (influ) 7-15 (G) rtn 1-16 to T/Sgt B Troop? (from free) 1-17 to Sgt 2-17 to hosp (bursitis) 4-17 rtn 5-17 to hosp (dysentry) 10-17 RTA MU amoebic dysentry disch 14-3-18

WOOLDRIDGE   Francis Cowell   3116   Pte   02 LHR   24R Tos 5-17 WIA 14-9-17 head accident fractured skull in clash of heads RTA MU disch 7-3-18

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