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** Limited Edition **

Australian Light Horse association COMMEMORATIVE Beersheba memorial Medallion

“The Charge of the Australian Light Horse and capture of Beersheba 31 October 1917 has gone down in the annals of Australian history as the turning point of the war in Palestine.”

The Australian Light Horse Association had the honour of being part of the team that was formed to create a park named “The Park of the Australian Soldier” and memorial in Beersheba, Israel.  The park is dedicated to the memory of the Australian Light Horse and in particular the Charge at Beersheba by the 4th and 12th LH regiments on the 31st October, 1917.  The park itself contains a memorial to the Australian Light Horse along with a large recreation and play area which includes equipment for use by the children of Beersheba and with a special focus being on the needs of their disabled children.

The memorial itself was designed and constructed in Australia by Artist and Sculptor Peter Corlett of Melbourne.  Upon its completion, the memorial was flown to Israel and placed into position in the Park during February 2008.  The official opening of the Park and Memorial Dedication took place on the 28th April 2008, in Beersheba, Israel with worldwide coverage from the media showing the huge significance this dedication held.

This Limited Edition Medallion has been created to serve as a lasting memory of this momentous event. It shows an impression of the statue as the Lighthorseman and his mount gallantly jump the sandbagged desert trench to victory.




Beersheba Medallion Front - Coming soon                          Beersheba Medallion Back - Coming soon


Individually cased and numbered from 2 – 200 only

Only available  from the ALHA


Medallions are $ 40.00 each including postage and handling within Australia

For all orders and enquiries :

Please contact or phone 02 6297 1864 for payment details.








Commemorative medallion marking the 90th

Anniversary of the Charge at Beersheba


Light Horse Medallion - Front
Light Horse Medallion - Back

Front Side depicts 3 dimensional image of the charging Light Horseman

The reverse side lists the names of the men of the 4th and 12th Light Horse Regiments who took part in the charge that were KIA or DOW. The medallion is 60mm in diameter, pewter finish and comes in a self standing plastic display case.

Cost: Australia - $30.00 (Postage Included) Overseas - $40.00 (Postage Included) 

Book:  'From The Saddlebags At War'
BookThis magnificently presented book was published by the Australian Light Horse Association in June 2000, and is destined to become a collectors item.

It is a hard cover publication that recounts the experiences of members of the '2nd Light Horse Regiment' in WW1 from their diaries, and interviews done some 20 years ago.

It records over 130 good quality photographs and factual accounts of experiences both on Gallipoli, and in the Western Desert. The book has160 high quality pages, and was written by Joan Starr.
Cost:  Australia - $30.00 (Postage Included) - Overseas - $40.00 (Postage Included)   


DVD"The recent trip by 70 Light Horsemen from the Australian Light Horse Association to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the charge of Beersheba 31-10-07, received unexpected and unprecedented worldwide publicity. A documentary has been made of this momentous trip called "In the steps of the Light Horse". This re-enactment of the ride through the desert following the exact route the Australian Light Horse took in 1917 including the charge over the same ground, is compelling viewing.

The film opens with that prophetic quote from Winston Churchill; “From the ends of the earth ships and men are gathering together in the Eastern Mediterranean to fulfil a destiny as yet unknown by mortal man.” The documentary shows the important part the Australian Mounted Division played in shaping history. The film starts in Gallipoli where the Australian Light Horse fought without their horses in the Gallipoli campaign, then moves to Israel and follows the various campaigns involved in the Allied defeat of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. The Israel tour was held in conjunction with Kelvin Crombie, noted Australian author and historian, and the “Society for the preservation of WW1 history in Israel”.

Cost:  First copy $25 - Subsequent copies $20 - Overseas add Postage $10.00  

Magazines:  'Spur'
Back Issues
These limited back issues of the official Light Horse Magazine "Spur" have now been made available to the public. 
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October 2002
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Spur Oct 04
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October 2004
April 2006
November 2006
Cost:  Australia - $12.00 ea (Postage Included) - Overseas - $16.00 ea (Postage Included)    


More items coming soon!


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