11th Light Horse Darling Downs Troop Inc.

11th Light Horse Darling Downs Troop Inc.


The Troop commemorates the memory of the 11th Light Horse Regiment, which was raised in Toowoomba in February 1915.
The 11th Light Horse Darling Downs Troop was established in Toowoomba in 2002.
Membership, in the main, is drawn from the Toowoomba region, west of the Great Dividing Range. The necessity to dip horse for ticks in crossing this range forms a natural divide. No such restriction exists for dismounted members.
To establish and maintain the Troop as a respected, honourable and visible personification of Light Horsemen of the past.


Aims and Objectives:
(i)     To gain inspiration from and promote pride in, the Australian Light Horse, especially in relation to the great personal sacrifices made on the battlefield, which enable us to enjoy the freedom we have today,
(ii)     to obtain and preserve, for historical purposes, the uniforms, weapons and equipment used by the Australian Light Horse Regiments, particularly the 11th Light Horse Regiment,
(iii)    to foster an awareness in the community, with a particular emphasis on school children, of the Australian Light Horse’s achievements and traditions in our country’s history,
(iv)    to encourage Light Horse activities, so that all members will keep alive the Horsemanship and Skill at Arms of the Light Horse Regiments,
(v)    to preserve the memorabilia, photographs, records and documents of those who served in Australian Light Horse units for future generations,
(vi)    to train for, and participate in, competitions with other Light Horse Troops, on traditional inter-troop contests and re-enactment rides,
(vii)   to take part in Public Displays, Street Parades and other ceremonial activities, as the Troop may from time to time, be called upon to provide, or take part in, either individually, or with other organisations,
(viii) to do all such acts and things, including fund raising, as incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing aims and objectives.
Membership is open to all people, male and female, of good standing, sixteen years or older, who will uphold the ideals of the Troop, who will endeavour to advance the objectives of the Troop, and who acknowledge and agree to the authority of the Constitution and the ideals of the Standing Orders. Members under 18 years of age are not entitled to vote.
       A News Letter, published quarterly, is circulated to members
Classes of Membership
Ordinary Membership is available to mounted members, and non-riders who actively contribute to the activities of the Troop.
Associated Membership is available to those on the periphery of the Troop activities, for example spouses of ordinary members. Associate Members may vote but they are not eligible for election to the Management Committee.
Honorary Membership is granted to distinguished members of the troop by a majority vote at an Annual General meeting.
Members who interact with the public must be members of the Australian Light Horse Association for insurance coverage or have comparable insurance.
The Troop’s uniform is based on the 1920-39 era. Some latitude is accepted.
The Troop meets on the first Tuesday every second month, commencing February. Meetings are held at 7.30pm. Venues circulate between Member’s houses, published in the minutes of previous meetings.
All horses will be of a satisfactory remount type and Troopers are expected to present their mounts in good condition, without injury, ailments or other disorders which might cause distress or discomfort.
·         Minimum height of 14.2 hands.
·         Presented shod and in good condition.
·         Full colours are preferred, e.g. – Black, Brown, Bay, Chestnut or Grey.
·         No stallions or rigs will be considered or accepted as suitable mounts
·         Horses should be presented to a manageable standard as set by the Troop Commander.
Regular training of both mounted and dismounted Troopers is held at the Jondaryan Woolshed, about 30km west of Toowoomba, on approximately monthly intervals, normally on the third Sunday of the month.
The following is a general guide to the structure of Training Days for the Mounted Troop:
08.30 – 10.00    Training as determined by Troop Commander
10.00 – 10.30     Smoko
10.30 – 11.00     Ground Drill with dismounted Drill Section
For the Drill Section a general guide is
09.00 – 09.10         Assembly, inspection, safety checks.
09.10 – 10.00         Parade Ground Drill – Session 1
10.00 – 10.30         Smoko
10.30 – 11.00         Parade Ground drill – Session 2 – with Mounted Sections
Coming Events:
• March. 

        Sunday, 3rd – 8.30am Millmerran Show. Parade and Tentpegging demonstrations.
Friday – Sunday 8th, 9th &10th Guyra Challenge. Guyra NSW.


• April.
Tuesday. 2nd – 5.30pm. Troop general meeting. Boardroom L1/195 Margaret St.
Weekend, 20th & 21st – 8.00am Training weekend. Toowoomba Polo fields.
Thursday, 25th – 8.00am ANZAC DAY PARADE TOOWOOMBA.


• May.
Weekend, 4th & 5th – 8.30am. Jondaryan Woolshed. Heritage Festival
Weekend, 11th & 12th – 8.00am Emu Gully Spectacular
Sunday,19th – 8.00am Jondaryan Woolshed. Training Day


• June
Saturday, 1st – 11.00am Newtown Park. War Animals Memorial Service
Tuesday. 4th – 5.30pm Troop general meeting. Boardroom L1/195 Margaret St. Sunday, 16th – 9.00am Jondaryan Woolshed. Training Day


• July.
Sunday, 21st – 9.00am Jondaryan Woolshed. Training Day


• August.
Tuesday, 6th – 5.30pm. Troop general meeting. Boardroom L1/195 Margaret St.

        Sunday.18th -n9.00am Jondaryan Woolshed. Training Day

Queries from interested parities and potential members welcome.
 Kym Flehr
P: 0746394044
M: 0417748955

‘Sitting easy, waiting to go on parade’ – Anzac Day Toowoomba 2012.